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  1. Hi All I started a claim against Welcome a while ago and a couple of weeks ago i got a FSCS form from them to fill out which i needed to fill out and send back to Welcome.Should it of gone back to welcome or direct to FSCS ,also the salesman who sold me the loan has called today leaving a message asking me to call him.I havent done so as i assume that he wants to dispute my claim. I would of thought that the FSCS form would of been sent direct is it normal to be sent to welcome for them to then forward on Thank you for any advice
  2. this is the email ping pong im having with cfo..do you think i should wait for them to go to an agency and then negotiate? To: "Nicola Coleman" Hello and.thank you for your reply,as I have explained in several emails and conversations I need to set up a monthly payment plan and can only do this of the fines and interest is frozen so that I have a fixed amount to pay,I have arranged a monthly payment plan with my other debts and need to get one in place with yourselves Thank you xxxxxxxxxx this is her reply From: "Nicola Coleman" Date: 7 Apr 2011 15:13 Subject: RE: RE Hi xxxxx, Unfortunately we are unable to do this for you but we do need you to make a token payment today towards the account to show some commitment into repaying this debt back. We cannot stop the fines from going onto the account however we do have the ability to remove some of them and reduce the balance if the customer can make a payment towards it and shows some commitment. Are you able to do this so I can help you out and come to an arrangement with you? Kind Regards Nicola Coleman Nicola Coleman
  3. spoke to CFO today and this is what they come up with...seems a bit suspect as they wouldnt commit to saying they would freeze the interest and fines will be negotiable does anyone else have experience with them Good Afternoon Nathan Agreement Number: ***** Your outstanding balance is £ 909 The way the token payment works is you make a payment every week towards your balance to show your intent to pay. These payments will go towards your balance then if your situation changes I will negotiate a new plan and you can clear the full amount in larger payments. I will need a payment every week on a specific day suitable for you to make the payment. I will need to come to an agreement with you today on how much you can afford per week. All fines accumulated on your account can be negotiated at the end of your agreement. Please advise if you can make a payment today? Regards Archie Madden
  4. quick quid must think im stupid,this is there reply to me asking to pay by paypal...... Thank you for contacting us to inquire about how to pay off your balance.We received your email regarding your loan balance and your situation has been noted. Paypal requirements are: Name of cardholder, name on card, card type, amount to be paid, expected payment date, email address of the cardholder .Once these details are received a link for Paypal can be sent. yep i give them details and then they loot my account....i think not
  5. i have recieved several emails from quickquid and this one today..looks like they are holding onto there guns with regard to payment method..what do you think i should do as i am not giving them any bank details Thank you for contacting us regarding your account. The acceptable payment methods used by Quick Quid are: Bank Account, Debit Card, PayPal/Credit Card, Bankers Cheque or Cashiers Cheque. Unfortunately, we do not accept standing orders, giro slips, or provide an account number that you can make cash payments into. The payment arrangement we can offer is detailed below. £204.00_____due 27/04/2011 £204.00_____due 27/05/2011 £204.00_____due 27/06/2011 £204.00_____due 27/07/2011 £204.50_____due 26/08/2011 £204.00_____due 27/09/2011 Our records indicate we do not have secured valid banking details on file which is needed to payoff your loan, according to you loan agreement. Please contact us immediately to update banking details. You can contact us via email, phone, and Live Chat. To update a Direct Debit please provide: Sort code and Account number. To update a Debit Card please provide the Card type, Card long number, 3-digit Security Code, Issue number, Card Expiry Date, and Card Start Date. If you have any queries, our Collections Department is here to help. QuickQuid Collections Department Direct Line: 0808 234 4561 Fax: 0808 101 1381
  6. payday express will sell debt to fredriksons straight away and you can then negotiate with them
  7. wonga are the easiest to deal with and have just accepted a 12 month payment plan for me send them the email template which i have listed in another thread and you should get a reply the same day
  8. this is the template i used from someone else on here i am writing to give prior notification that my financial position has changed and will remain changed for the foreseeable future. I sincerely regret that I will be unable to pay my XXX loan in full on the agreed repayment date. As I have given prior notice I am requesting that XXX do not apply any unreasonable charges. I also request that you do not add any further interest other than the interest already applied from 25th feb-to 25th march (1 months interest only). To make myself very clear, it would be both unreasonable and excessive if XXX found it necessary to add further charges and interest after the loan repayment due date and such conduct may go against XXX further down the line. I therefore propose that the outstanding loan amount inclusive of interest incurred from to be paid over a period of 12 months. This will involve 12 monthly payments of £ XXX . I will initiate to make these payments once you assure me in writing or by email that: 1) XXX accepts my payment plan offer. 2) XXX promises to refrain from adding any charges or further interest in accordance with above. 3) XXX gives me their bank details for which I will deposit the above monthly payments. To be clear, I am in no way refusing my obligation to repay the said loan plus said interest. Therefore, I sincerely hope WDA can sympathise with my current situation and in doing so find my repayment schedule reasonable. Finally, I request that XXX keep all contact with me either by email or by my mobile in if you need to contact me urgently but I am not always available on phone . My contact email is XXXt, I will endeavour to respond and if I am unavailable please leave a message and I will respond ASAP. Please do not try to contact me at work as I am only allowed for this to occur in the event of an emergency and may result in disciplinary action from my employer. I look forward to hearing from XXX soon THIS SEEMS TO BE WORKING FOR ME..IF YOU LOOK AT MY THREAD I AM IN THE SAME SITUATION AND DEFAULTED ON FRIDAY
  9. when it comes to WDA am i obliged to supply them with an income and expenditure report as no one else has requested this?
  10. when i spoke last week to quick quids collections team they said they could do 9 months but seem to have backed out i will push them a bit further to get 9 mths first
  11. i have just recieved this from wonga Dear Nathan, Thanks for your email. I can confirm that we will be able to set up a 12 month repayment programme with £106.93 being paid each month. Please can you contact the number provided below so that we can set up a start date and also supply you with the banking details. Kind regards, Collections Department 0844 842 9109 Wonga.com this is great news
  12. just had a reply from WDA asking for and IAE report do i have to send them one of these and how detailed does it need to be thanks
  13. hello all well today is default day so i have resent all my emails this morning i only have the following reply from quickquid they have offered me a repayment over 6 months which is shorter than i wanted should i hold out and see if they can extend further to make the payments easier each month.What have your experiences been thanks
  14. hello all well today is default day so i have resent all my emails this morning i only have the following reply from quickquid they have offered me a repayment over 6 months which is shorter than i wanted should i hold out and see if they can extend further to make the payments easier each month.What have your experiences been thanks
  15. Thanks for your reply i have just got off the phone with Microlend and have come to an agreement on a payment plan they were very helpful so 1 down and will keep you updated on the rest
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