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  1. I need help to figure out where I stand with all these Parking tickets that I have racked up. I am just about to seek legal advise when a friend advised me to come on this site and ASK FOR HELP. 2 years ago, I was extremely slack on paying parking tickets. I was driving with a non UK licence and All of the cars I was driving were rentals. A few months ago, the council where most of the fines were racked up transfered some of my fines to the bailiffs and I started to pay the inflatted bailiff's prices for each of these fines. Once I had paid off most of the "Bailiffed" fines, I made arrangements with the council to pay a set amount per month. I am trying to come to a settlement agreement with the council but they are adamant that they are not willing to reduce my fines in anyway. I have already paid £1000's towards these fines and don't really know where to turn. I have come to an agreement with them 1 month ago and have sent them payments for the next 3 month in fear that they will send the remaining to Bailiffs again. I have however, refused to sign a payment agreement that states that I will pay every fine in full. They are now advising me that within 7 days, if I don't sign the agreement (even after I have sent them the first 3 months worth of payments) that they will send the remaining fines to the Bailiffs which would add thousands of pound to the huge amount I already owe and have paid off. 1- How can I claim the Inflated Bailiff charges I have paid 2- each fine has increased to £150 each when the original amount was £50... 3- has anyone every been in this situation? what did you do? how did it go and where did you start? I desparetly need advice, can anyone help?:? Jon D
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