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  1. hi there, can i claim charges that i have received on a finance agreement? I took on a fridge from currys and the agreement is through HFC - do the same rules regarding charges apply to this?? I did send a prelim letter to them a few months back and they came back with lots of big talk about how the new rules didn't apply to this kind of account - scared me into not going forward! Any help appreciated.
  2. Can anyone please help me with this situation, I have no idea how to progress, I'm getting calls from Viking debt management because ge money have passed the account to them!! HELP!!!
  3. can anyone help... I had a finance agreement with capital bank for a car. I voluntarily terminated this agreement 3 months ago and handed the car back to capital bank. This car is no longer mine and I have nothing to do with any payments to this anymore. Today I checked my credit score and it showed 3 months of missed payments to this agreement - updated 3 days ago. I phoned capital bank and they informed me that until they sell the car on the account will still show in my name and the same payment date will still appear!! She said she could send me a letter showing the account is n
  4. Ok, sent off letters to GE money requesting a total of £612. After sending my LBA i got a letter from them saying that they had refunded £300 to my account, to which i replied that that was acceptable as part payment but I was also wanting the rest! During this ongoing battle i hadn't paid the bill, becasue if they had refunded the full amount like they should then there would be zero balance on the account. They have now issued a default against me, which i replied to with the template letter from this website and they came back saying they were perfectly within their rights to do this..
  5. Can anyone help? I was requesting a total of £612 from GE MOney - house of Fraser. £300 of this was made up of estimated charges as they 'were unable to locate' many months worth of statements - therefore I had to estimate these months. I asked them to prove me otherwise on these 'estimated charges' otherwise pay up. I had letter this morning saying that they had refunded £300 to my account in full and final settlement - no mention of the estimated charges at all! What do I do now?? Thanks
  6. Thanks Can I point this out to them in the LBA or do i send a seperate letter? Just want to get LBA sent off asap.
  7. By any chance does anyone have a paragraph that they have already used when explaining that you have had to estimate charges due to missiing statements?? Turns out that it is a total of 25 months worth of missing statements! Thanks
  8. That's ok, as i'll leave the money alone, if they take it back then thats fine. I am purely argueeing both sides here...I have made no decision on what to do.
  9. I think that is a slight overreaction! Anyway as said twice before - i'm simply looking for the legalities.
  10. I know, but i think the worst that can happen is that they ask for it back, and as long as i don't touch it then there's no problem. I have heard that they only have 6 months in which to notice and request it back?
  11. I did call them today and quoted their reference on their correspondence. So they accessed my file and didn't seem to be aware that they had already paid. I was quite vague - just to see what info they did and did not have.
  12. Don't want to go into specifics as i'm terrified the banks read these!! But its thousands not hundreds! Basically they've paid out refunded charges twice! I'm purely looking for the legalities as i have not yet came to any conclusion as to what to do! Thanks
  13. Hi There, Wonder if anyopne can help?? If a bank makes a payment to you....and its a mistake....is there legally a period of time before you can keep the money and they can no longer ask for it back?? I had heard it was 6 months, is this correct? Thanks
  14. Ok great, thanks for that. Think i'll just chance my arm and estimate the charges....they're most months anyway!
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