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  1. thanks for that, Am I correct regarding the dates I can claim?
  2. Off I go! Statements received yesterday, total charges £1865.00 over six years. I will shortly be sending the appropriate letter asking for the charges to be repaid but would just like clarification as to what six year period i can reclaim, I assume it is from the date of the aforementioned letter? Also which barclays address do I sent it? their head office? Cheers for now
  3. thanks for that sending it today!
  4. Good day to you all. I am just about to send off for my statements but have been given conflicting addresses of barclays. should I send the letter to barclays data protection at radbroke hall or to their head office at churchill place? Many thanks Johnyy22
  5. I am in the position now where I am about to write to Barclays to try and recover charges made over the last 6 years for overdraft referal fees, I think I will be looking at circa "£4,000.00" I pay my salary into the account every month so always clear the overdraft. A couple of questions if I may? 1. Are Barclays likely to close my account if I do? 2. If so how long have I got to set up new account? 3. Will moving to a new bank affect my credit rating as I am about to purchase a property? Many thanks for your help (in advance!) Johnny22
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