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  1. Well I sent my prelim letter and they finally came back and said that they weren't prepared to refund the charges and that they were in talks with the OFT as they felt their ruling wasn't fair, or something like that anyway! Today their time ran out to change their minds so my LBA is now in the post! I'm only asking for £140, you'd have thought they'd avoid the hassle for such a tiny amount and pay me straight away rather than let me add court costs to it!
  2. Finally got my statements...in a four year period I've only built up £269 of charges, which I didn't think was too bad! Although I moved to Barclays after a lot of hassle with halifax so most of my problems will have been with them. Can you claim charges from a bank that you no longer have an account with?
  3. Still waiting for my statements to arrive...do I need to worry about them not sending me the manual intervention stuff?
  4. Hi folks, well I finally got round to sending my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to Barclays and I've now received the following response, I'll be the first to admit that I don't get it Surely stuff before 2000 isnt important to me anyway so not being able to access it doesnt matter? I dont understand the whole manual intervention business though! Help! "We refer to your letter of 5 December, which was passed to this department for certain information, relating to bank charges, under the terms of the Data Protection Act. Please be aware that the bank is not under an obligation to present information according to any particular format. Therefore, your request to assemble a schedule of charges is turned aside. You may of course obtain this data from copy statements and these will be supplied to you within the next 1o days without charge on this occasion. As the bank is providing the copy statements on a complimentary basis your payment is returned herewith. We would advise however, that some statement information arising from the period prior to and possibly during 1999 to 2000 is manually store in the form of microfiche and does not fall within the data subject access provisions of the Data Protection Act. As regards your mention of manual intervention, the DPA does not oblige the bank to comment about internal policies and procedures. Furthermore, in the context of managing day to day transactions arising from out of order accounts, the bank does not hold the information you have requested in a form that would be covered by the DPA. Whilst aggregated information is retained for statistical purposes, this would not constitute "personal data" under the DPA and therefore would not be covered by a s.7 DPA subject access request. For the avoidance of doubt, the fact that we do not generally record information in a way that is caught by the provisions of the DPA, is in no way an admission that there was no such manual intervention."
  5. Hi folks Firstly...what a great site! I've spent ages reading the posts on here and I've finally decided to do something about my own situation. I've sent a letter to Lloyds TSB today requesting a refund of charges they've added to my account in the last two months (£140 worth, seems like small change compared to some of you!!) and I've sent a SAR letter to Barclays for the last six years statements, so hopefully the ball will be rolling on both shortly. One thing I did want to ask, I've been charged £17.50 on two separate occasions by Argos for late payment. Can I claim these charges back in the same way as the banks? I only owed them £17 but this has now sky rocketed to £53 due to their charges. Many thanks Surreal
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