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  1. Hello Would anyone have any advice regarding this problem? I bought a Classic FM subscription in December using a Tesco voucher, and very shortly afterwards received a letter saying that the magazine would no longer be published. They offered a transfer to another magazine or a refund. I looked at the magazine they offered a transfer to and it was nothing like Classic FM, so I asked for a refund. They have now said that I can't have a refund because I paid with a Tesco voucher, but that they can also offer a transfer to a number of other magazines, the majority of which are to do with cars or caravans, the remainder about football or gadgets. Instinct tells me that if they are contracted to provide a service then they need to provide it or refund me; it is simply not their place to decide they want to do neither. Does anyone have any advice? Is there more to it than that because of the Tesco voucher?
  2. They would apply to suspend your discharge from bankruptcy on grounds of non co-operation.
  3. Well, if you're not being told wildly different things, and if you're being told what you're thinking, that's a good thing! Keeping searching property auctions; there's alwaysva house that's been repossessed near you, you just need to find it!
  4. Hello A year doesn't seem like that long ago! However I can't remember the exact details of the story, do forgive me for vagueness! The way the property market is going a delay may be no bad thing in terms of seeing any value in the house diminish (if you want to keep it to actually live there that is!). If it was that you are arguing that your interest in the house is bigger than the 50/50 share suggested by paper, you might want to look at some property auction websites, and see if you can find something similar that has sold in your area, or watch for one selling and see what it goes for. There are vast amounts of property being auctioned these days at prices much lower than estate agents would like to think properties are worth, or even not being sold at all. This would help you with establishing a realistic forced sale valuation. If it was that you are arguing that your interest in the house is bigger than the nil suggested on paper, you might want to suggest that the mortgage will no longer be paid if you aren't going to be able to buy the interest (probably discuss with 'your' IP first to see if he thinks it's a realistic threat). Your husband can say this now that he is discharged, as it won't lead to income available to pay an IPA from (it's too late for that), and as the shortfall won't affect him anyway (it would fall into the bankruptcy, what does he care?), and as if you have no interest it wouldn't affect you either.
  5. It all depends how much she owed at that time, and... ehm... what happened to the jewellery? Did she declare it in her bankruptcy? If not, then they're not going to believe it existed unless they can have it, otherwise it all sounds a bit too convenient. The legislation has been posted before.
  6. Cash value of everything she owned less liabilities. But you wouldn't really be able to include things that would be excluded from a bankruptcy, like furniture etc.
  7. The application looks as good as you could hope for. Fingers crossed.
  8. I didn't answer the original question though... It sounds like they are going into a creditor's voluntary liquidation. If this happens you should hear from the liquidator when they are appointed, and search the London Gazette ( Home ) from time to time if you are worried you've been forgotten about.
  9. I believe Diamond Lifestyle's director went missing in a light aircraft which was later found crashed into the sea in Brazil a few months ago ago.
  10. Yes, Beechcrofy can have you made bankrupt if you aren't keeping to to the terms of the CCJ, which said you should pay them the full amount immediately.
  11. The only possible way I can think of, as I said before, is to go to court to get the CCJ terms varied to payments in installments rather than forthwith. I don't know if that works after a Stat Demand has been served though - perhaps you could ask your lawyer if he thinks you could win this.
  12. There is definitely a CCJ. It seems Roystc has accepted that the transaction was voidable in order to avoid the expense of a court hearing on this point, and that the Trustee has subsequently obtained a CCJ on that back of that. They are now going for bankruptcy on the bank of the CCJ not being satisfied.
  13. If she remembers what accounts she had then, or can find out from an experian report, she could do DPA requests to the creditors to ask for the balance at that date. If she owed you the money and you prove it, that just makes it a preference rather than a transaction at undervalue. That doesn't really help you much, I don't think. And if she can't prove she was solvent, thinking she was doesn't count for much. They should be able to tell her what accounts she had at the time, so she can find out. Again, even if you could, it just makes it a preference rather than a transaction at undervalue. I think you have to do it, if you can at all, under the CCJ heading. If you wait until the bankruptcy hearing they will make the order, as you have a debt under the judgement that you were due to pay and haven't. Basically because a lot of people faced with bankruptcy petitions magically find the money.
  14. Indeed - it's up to Roystc to show she was solvent after giving him the money. If he can do that, then the rest falls away. I suspect he can't though, even if she was solvent.
  15. It's certainly possible. But in such a short period of time and where the other party made the major financial contribution to the purchase? If he could prove it he'd already have had the receipts he was wishing he had.
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