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  1. Ok people, this one has seriously passed its time. Could someone please advise how I proceed from here.
  2. Sorry for a long delay. Waiting on progress, however Trading Standards have now taken this up from a summary criminal offence stance. They are now carrying out investigations. Anyone else who are having issues need to complain to Chester TS now whilst the iron is hot
  3. Yes it was applied for over the internet on 10/09/2003 and they sent out the document above CO-CCA3.doc. This was signed on the 04/09/2003
  4. I should also add if they have not complied with the CCA request then as of the 22nd they have commited a summary criminal offence.
  5. Ok people here is the response to my charge return request and default removal. Could someone please give me a response to this taking into account all of the above as well. As always your help is much appreciated. Charge1.pdf Charge2.pdf
  6. Well you have my total support and am very much looking forward to the outcome. Unfortunately, whilst I am no expert, the fact is that should you lose, which I am sure you want, they may well hit you with the costs. However as you are not going to lose its not a problem....right
  7. subscribing Interesting read. Am about to do the same. Look forward to your updates car.
  8. Ok so no 21 day update from Hillesden and on day 13 of the 30 day period. Can anyone advice a nice letter to write to these muppets requesting default removal in light of Citi stating and confirming a nil balance. Oh and the fact they have now defaulted the 12 days. Thanks in advance
  9. Rory32 many many thanks. And may I ask on what grounds this is an unenforcable agreement. Thanks again
  10. Oh Boy, whilst I am over joyed to hear your story I cant help to think that we are here because you use these tactics against joe public as well. There are many cases when the judgement by default is incorrect and as such baliffs should give people the opportunity to rectify this in court. As such my case here with AK. On this occassion they to sent the baliffs in eventually and I have had the whole thing turned around and now the ball is on there side of the court. With that said, I do hope I get someone like you who will also play upto the news papers...lmao
  11. So I need everyones help see: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/119800-most-ruthless-collection-comp.html I also have The Sun interested in doing a piece on this when the baliffs turn up at the door.
  12. Ok so I have my order wich AK have breached. See http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/118873-warrant-against-aktiv-kapital.html I would like to know which debt collection company is the most ruthless so I can pass them my debt and then AK can have the same ****e given to them as everyone here has had.
  13. Gents a new little twist has popped up on this which I failed to notice originally. The claimed transfer letter from FNTF to AK states it was given to AK on the 15th December 2004, yet AK had registered default on the 8th December 2004. No default was recorded for FNTF. Court papers for CCJ were issued on the 30/12/04 and CCJ was entered on my credit file on the 01/01/05. Courts deemed papers served on the 04/01/05 and court date was 28/01/05 So: 08/12/04 AK registered default 15/12/04 FNTF assign debt to AK 30/12/04 Papers issued by court from AK 01/01/05 Credit file shows CCJ to AK 28/01/05 Court hearing date and judgement to AK Surely I have some way of sorting this out and getting the default removed. Especially now I have sent the courts baliffs in to collect my funds. Any advice as always much appreciated and a letter would be pretty good also. Thanks in advance
  14. This is exactly the same poo I had from them and I have a court order removing judgement. Go straight to the commissioner
  15. Hi oneofakind. So have they complied with the cca request?
  16. Well i will issue the warrant first thing tomorrow morning. Then I guess we go from there.
  17. And here is the letter from Citi citi.doc
  18. Oh and sorry PeteT I didnt answer your question. No I have not blanked out anything on the DOA
  19. And more documents CO-CCA6.doc CO-CCA7.doc CO-CCA8.doc CO-CCA10.doc Document (10).pdf
  20. Ok so have now had an update to my CCA request. Could you please give me your thoughts on this one. Many thanks to all CO-CCA1.doc CO-CCA2.doc CO-CCA3.doc CO-CCA4.doc CO-CCA5.doc
  21. Well in my recent case against Acktiv Kapital, the Judgement was set aside and I asked the courts to insist the default was removed due to wrong address. They said they did not know if they had the power to do so and did I know the section in the law book that gave them the capabilities.
  22. Ok now a nice little twist to this one. Having spoke with CitiCards they have confirmed in writing that I do not have a debt with them and my account currently stands a ZERO. Oh and then offered me a new credit card. So the question now is, how the hell do I go about telling HS that I owe them diddly and remove the default which they have registered against me.
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