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  1. I have nothing from the bailiff except one of their peices of red A4 that says how much I owe, her name and number and a reference. When she first called I asked her for copies of the warrants and she said that I wasn't entitled to see them! The amount has gone up £130 now since her last call!!
  2. Thanks for your replies so far people. Its reassuring to hear what I already believed to be right. I do feel that she is overstepping her limits and I will persue it with complaints. I believe it was 3 tickets and the most recent could not be any newer than 10 months but I will check tomorrow with Northampton. what will they need from me to tell me about them as I have no information about them and the kind Bailiff wont supply me any details about the debt or the tickets! Thanks
  3. My story, Back in may (the 9th ithink) I had a lady from Drakes call at my house for unpaid parking tickets, It was a total of about £560!! Not sure how they found me but it was from my previous address and I had forgotten about them! I told her that I couldn't afford that but on payday I will pay some. She gave me a straight NO! and told me I had 7 days to pay the lot or she will be back with a Locksmith and police if needed to let herself in and take my stuff away to sell!! I couldn't believe this and thought about how to get the money but couldn't so called her back and said that I c
  4. Hi all, To keep it brief I am currently chasing the Halifax for just over 4.5k in charges spreading back 3 years. (4.5k was a shock to me too!). I have sent them all the letters and had all the standard replies. I included in my LBA a date of when I was going to file my N1 of the 22/12/06. I missed that date due to hectic pre xmas week and instead sent them another letter telling them that I would go ahead with out fail on the 29/12/06 and to my surprise I had a call that morning asking if I had filed the papers yet? When I said not yet They offered me 3.5k!! Well, what do you
  5. Hi all, Just joined and thought i would say hi! Have just started the proccess with Halifax, FD and Nationwide. Gonna get the banks out the way before starting on the plastic pirates! Thanks to this site it has made me realise that a very large portion of the debt I have been struggling to pay has been made up entirely of their scandalous charges and I now intend to get every penny Back. Once I have got them I may even go for the PPI's I've been sold down the years! Wish me luck and thanks all for the interesting reading and confidence its given me! :)
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