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  1. Hi Michael, thanks very much for that. I will definately go for the 8% at court stage. To be honest all the technical stuff baffles me. I know everyone else finds it fairly easy but I really don't! Funnily enough going to Court doesn't bother me one bit, in fact I relish that bit of asking HSBC why they've floored me financially whilst trying to tell me they've helped me out more than anyone else would have done (manged loan etc). I do really appreciate all your help, I just didn't want to mess up at this stage. Lisa
  2. Hi Lateralus, I wonder if you could give me some advice? I downloaded all of my statements online (HSBC) and literally just put down on my spreadsheet CHARGES or TOTAL CHARGES (as that is all that it has on the statements). Now I'm at the stage where I've sent my prelim and lba off (last Friday) and I've heard nothing so far (not that bothered at this stage). But what does concern me is that I haven't put any charge for interest as I'm really not that bothered as long as they pay me my full charges. I realise I have to add the 8% at court stage, is that right? Also I plan to go into my local court to file so would they be able to assist me with anything regarding this? Any help very grateful Lisa
  3. Cheers Tigs, really not sure what I should do about the ML. Looking back, they must have been rubbing their hands when they saw what they could earn out of our misfortune. How can they refuse a 'normal' loan and then give you another loan with astronomical interest. Fortunately, we are in a better position financially now so we can afford it but the interest really grates me. Our credit rating is still poor though so it's not as though we can go elsewhere for a better rate. Lisa
  4. Hi, just some clarification if poss. I'm going to send the lba tomorrow, is it 1 week or 2 for a response and then claim? Many thanks, so much appreciated. Lisa
  5. Hi there, and to think HSBC made up the term ' managed loan' just for me! I had never heard of it before until they offered it to me. Basically myself and OH were given £5000 o/d on 2 accounts as they had been upgraded to premier a/c's. This was only aout 2 years ago. Needless to say, we maxed out our o/d's and OH credit card (9,000) as we went through a very difficult financial patch. Consequently, our 'personal banking manager' offered us (our only option) a managed loan to cover o'd's and cc for £18,000 payable over 11 years! It really was 'sold' to us as though they were doing us a big favour! I've only just realised that of the £254 we pay every month, the interest is £180! I just couldn't believe it. We are currently claiming back just over £8,000 from HSBC for unlawful charges and would like more than anything to also sort this ML out. Can anyone help? Many thanks Lisa
  6. thanks Steve and Bong. Much appreciated. Lisa
  7. Cheers Steve, I agree. This just makes me more determined to carry on with the claim. Lisa
  8. hi again, thanks for that. I'm just surprised that they've paid everything and charged me, normally they knock it all and then charge. So that's one very small consolation I suppose! Lisa
  9. hi, I just wondered if someone could give me some advice please. I've just checked my account online and I'm WAY over my O/D limit by approx £200. HSBC have just put a newly named charge on my statement as 'Notified Charge' £75.00. Has anyone else had this and also is this £75.00 a justified charge as I'm sooo over my limit? I personally think this is very excessive! I just wondered as I've always gone way over my limit (most months) and just submitted a prelim letter for almost £3500,00 worth of charges. Thanks in advance Lisa
  10. lisaf

    mrtyler v HSBC

    Hi I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice please. I have just sent off the prelim letter (Monday) with the spreadsheets. My first question is; on my statements, all the charges are either listed as 'charge' or 'total charges'. This is exactly what I have put on the spreadsheets as HSBC requested that I put a brief description of the charges. I realise that these charges are due to being over my O/D limit. unpaid D/D's and cheques etc, but it's not very clear as to what charge relates to what unpaid item. I just didn't want to give HSBC a chance to delay the claim by saying I hadn't itemised everything properly. Many thanks in advance Lisa
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