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  1. Hi All,my sister just got turned down for her first mortgage due to 2 fairly recent defaults (last 2 years).Now shes pretty sure she never got these default notices (1 natwest & 1 santander) and both of these are more or less made of bank charges.She lives with my mum and the address although it's a house comes up as a flat for a reason so they don't always get their post.Would she have a case to have them removed on the basis she never rec'd them?Many thanksLisa
  2. Hi Alastrum, Just wanted to say that sometimes some people just like complaining. They feel it gives them the upper hand and makes them feel superior. I've had this a few times in various places that I've lived. First house (iwas a council tenant) and neighbors had bought their council house for about 2p years ago so felt that every time my kids played ball in the garden etc, they could call council and say we were being a nuisance. What they were trying to get really was a new fence off the council by saying my kids had ruined it by kicking a ball against it constantly (they didn't as I wouldn't allow them to do it). We were lucky enough to be able to buy our house a few years back, however it's not been plain sailing here either with one neighbour (everyone else lovely). First complaint: we own a second hand bouncy castle and she asked one summer for me to turn it off when it wasnt being used (kids had popped out for a bit). I honestly thought she was knocking to borrow it which she could of as she has twins of 7. When I asked why shecouldnt answer me. 2/ she complained about my elder daughter!s friend parking near the end of her drive (not near the 1metre dropped kern bit that she has though)! This has been ongoing. 3/ icing on the cake this year has her been screaming and swearing through the walls during the night as my son has been screaming/crying during the night. Just to add that my son has been under the care of great Ormond street hospital for a gut problem for the past year hence the unsettled nights (she is aware of this). now if he cries over anything she has made me completely paranoid. Sorry for the rant! But my point is some people just get off on the fact that they can rule how you live your life. It is in fact bullying and I've found that as soon as you give into it then that's it. Consequently, I am now desperate to move as I feel she (who is younger than me by the way-late 30's) is just waiting for the next thing to start on. And honestly when I say that this house shuts down by 9 as I take my 2 youngest to bed and the eldest is up by 5 am for work each day. Good luck with whatever action you decide to take
  3. Hi just an update on 1 of my own claims. I've made a total Boo boo:( I sent form off to cap 1 convinced it was applied for by phone and how I felt under pressure etc to take ppi but they've written back today not upholding as it was an online form and I'd obviously willingly ticked the p pi box! So they are saying it's their final decision. I'm stumped now aren't I? Lisa
  4. I'm not sure if he defo asked for everything but I did give him your list so I will double check. They did say there were 2 loans with ppi which he thought anyway. I assume they will give him a breakdown if they uphold the complaint? I will keep u up to date ! Lisa
  5. Hi ims just to let u know that he called lloyds today and has started the claim over the phone. He said they were v helpful and will get back to him within 12 weeks. Thanks for all your help so far x
  6. Hi ims, all i have are the statements going back as far as jan02. He's pretty sure he had a few loans before these other ones on this account also but maybe lloyds arent going to send any earlier than this? The statements go as far as feb 06 (where he paid his loan off early). 1/ Jan 02 he has amount borrowed £1407.00 (doesn't mention ppi but he says he took it out on EVERYTHING - he's sure of that. 2/ 21/11/02 borrows £5000 and same day 'loan protection insurance loan advance' debits his loan acc also (£1174.85) 3/ 16/0503 £5800 balance transfer to new loan 4/ 16/5/03 £4139 borrowed and again same day 'loan protection insurance loan advance' debits acc (£2212) 5/ 27/8/04 Pays balance of loan off early 6/ 27/8/04 receives rebate of loan protection insurance (just noticed this now) He also borrowed another £8k in feb 05 but I cant see any ppi on that and again he paid it off early (feb 06). So he's obviously rec'd some back for early repayment but would he be entitled to any more? Many thanks and I hope this makes some sense x
  7. Hi ims21. Im pretty sure that each loan paid off the balance of the last so no they weren't stand alone loans. Thanx so much for looking in
  8. Cheers dx. Will tell him to cancel them asap. I'm absolutely carp with the calcs so all help v v gratefully received!
  9. Hi All, it's been quite a while since I've last been on! I have just started dealing with a load of PPI claims for the family (total of 21)! I only began on 5th oct and so far have had 16 replies - 1 not upheld (dorothy perkins saying that they don't believe they have mis-sold), 2 who say I didn't have PPi and the rest just acknowledgements of the claims. I will post up any other advances as they come in. I just have a couple of questions if someone could please help me out? I spoke to my brother today who stupidly has got a claim company chasing a few loans on his behalf ( lloyds). He did this before he knew I was getting my teeth into the ppi business! So is there any way he can get out of using them now ( he said he's signed something). They must have requested his statements as they arrived today and clearly show he paid ppi which was 'front loaded' if that's the right term?now, in nov 02 he took out 5k and paid 1174.85 up front in ppi 'loan advance'. In may 03 he takes out another 4139.64 and pays another ppi up front of 2212.10 .It looks as though he borrowed another 8k in feb 05 but I can't see any ppi on that statement. That's as much as they've sent so far so poss more to come. The loans are all paid up now so based on those figures could anyone hazard a guess what he would be owed? Many thanks in advance Lisa x
  10. Just read the article myself and obviously not surprised as we all know on here it's a regular occurence but I was more shocked by the comments underneath. I can only hope it was bailiffs commenting on the case! I still cannot believe in this day and age this goes on but I know it does from personal experience (on more than 1 occasion)! The NOTW is a powerful medium and we MUST comment to the author in the hope of the government taking notice (long shot I know)! Lisa
  11. Hi elpulpo - have you sar'd yours yet? The thing is she was kind of approached to apply for this job by someone who works there and had worked with her years ago and she just feels really embarrased that she will think that she has lied about something. It's nhs and they take ages to employ you anyway and she has waited months to hear when to start and now this! Lisa x
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