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  1. Hi Guys, Just HAD to give out my good news. SUCCESS!! I sent out my prelim letter about two weeks ago, and yesterday received a 3 page letter from NatWest, disagreeing with my claim etc, but however, they wanted to offer me "As a good will gesture, and not accepting liability etc" the amount in full. Seems I just need to sign and return the latter accepting this, and hopefully that's it ,just under £1500 BACK to my account. Won't celebrate, until I see it there lol. Thanks to all that have helped me, and GOOD LUCK to those that are about to jump in and claim back their monies. I will make a donation to CAG, as soon as I've paid all of my outstanding debts/bills first. Thanks again. Steepndeep
  2. Hi Grizzly! You must be one HAPPY BEAR! Well done. I have sent copies of my statements plus the prelim letter with the total of £1450.22 (Excl Interest) to the same address that you have mentioned, though I heard it from another forum member, as I too think it just saves time and cuts out the middle man, being my local branch. The bank have until the end of Jan to cough up or reply. How long did it take you, and how far did you have to go, if you don't mind me asking? Steep....
  3. Do I take it, that nobody has ACTUALLY TRIED to ,or SUCCESSFULLY, claim back for more than 6 yrs before now? Alot of this legal jargon is quite above me, which makes me feel divided as to whether I should just be safe and claim for the past 6 yrs, or justifyably go for the whole 23+ yrs. I would gladly give up 10% of my mony I claimed back if soemone in the know would take this on for me. Sad but true
  4. Opened account around 23 yrs ago. Haven't a clue as to how much in charges it would be, but was never good with my money, and often went overdrawn. The Account is a Current account with Natwest. Sorry for lack of info, but any help is MUCH appreciated.
  5. WOW! Photoman! What an Iceberg you face. Now, I am in a similar boat, being with Natwest for 23yrs+ on my personal Current account, I should be expecting to see quite a hefty Iceberg, IF I choose to face it all at once. Here is my layman of a question. Could one not go firstly for the supposedly SAFE 6yr claim option, then on winning that, go for the whole remaining Enchilada? Steep's going Deeeeeep on this one:cool:
  6. Hi Guys, Like many before me I'm sure, I hve just started on the road to Financial recovery of my bank Charges from NatWest. The Story so far...... 16th Dec 06. I went into a branch of NATWEST and handed them my Data Request Form, asking for my statements for the last 6 yrs (Dec 2000 - Date). I presumed that is was the max I could ask for to be able to reclaim monies owed to me. I have since been informed that I CAN claim more back, as I have been with Natwest for over 23yrs. I was told that there would be a £10 charge and that I should be able to collect them from my branch within four days. 27th Dec 06. I returned to my branch to collect statements, to be told that not only was £10 not taken from my account, but the Statements had NOT been ordered. After showing my disapproval, all 6ft 7ins of it, the manager re ordered them by phone and said that I could pick them up two days later on the Fri 29th Dec 06. They also agreed to waiver the £10 charge. 29th Dec 06. 1230hrs I return to my branch AFTER 1200hrs as requested, to find that they are STILL not there, showing my distaste in the handling of such a simple request, the manager, by phone to the statements dept, asked them to check to see if the statements would be coming on the afternoon post, and if not to have them FAXED over. It is now1500hrs. I await her call regarding this at 1530hrs. All help and info on these matters (Especially, in regards to claiming back more than just the last six yrs, would be much appreciated) Steep's Going Deeeeep on this one:cool:
  7. Well done Kate! Just read about some of your progress and success with your claim. Could you give this Newbie a few tips on how to start and progress with my claim with NATWEST? I will gladly pay you something if/when I am successful. SteepnDeep
  8. Hi All, Firstly may I say what a fantastic job you guys are doing for us all. Could someone please give me as much guidance as possible, and I WILL GLADLY reward them financially, once I have received back some of the charges that have been stacked against me over the years by NATWEST. I have been with them for 23+ years. Back to which date should I request statements for my Banking history with them? I am currently £70+ over my overdraft limit of £200. So I'm being charged as we speak. I was speaking to a friend about all of this lastnight, and they were telling me that I have to get a move on as the Ombudsman (excuse spelling) has allegedly said that one cannot request monies/charges back after the end of 2006, is this true? Initially do I just need to take the "Data Protection act" letter into my bank with £10 to request my bank history. How long should this take, and can I expect any problems? If I have not worked out how much they owe me BEFORE the end of this year, after I have trawled through the years of paperwork, would it mean that my claim will be void? ALL and ANY help would be MOST appreciated. SteepnDeep :-|
  9. WOW! Hi Guys, I'm new here, and I'm both blown away by it all as well as seemingly finding myself in this preverbial Minefield of information. Some simple layman advice would be much appreciated. I heard about this site on LBC today, and have decided to try and claim back some of the MANY charges my bank have financially Bludgoened me with over the years. I have been with Natwest for atleast 20yrs, so it's about time I got SOMETHING Back! I have a few queries, one of which is how does one start to get the ball rolling? I am currently unemployed and also very skint, partly due to Natwest using some or ALL in most cases of my benefit, to help pay some of my overdraft, leaving me alot of the time with NOTHING! Then charging me more after this. They have stopped sending me mail eg Statements and letters, as they say that the items just keep coming back to them. Even when I ask them to please start sending them again. I don't try to email of phone me to let me know of this problem either. I have a loan with them too which is having problems with the insurance claim, as they say that I have not been res[ponding to thier letters, so they just closed the claim. Yep, they didn't try to call me to let me know of this problem either, as I didn't receive any of their letters either. Do I need to go into the bank personally, to ask for my statements for the last 6 or 7 years is it? Or can I just do this over the phone, and how much should I pay for them? After that, what do I need to do next? I'm sure you've heard the same story over and over, but your help in this matter will be MOST appreciated. Yours hopefully SteepnDeep
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