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  1. Hello Other half is self employed plumber / general maintenance. He has been working for a company on and off for the past year and invoicing accordingly. the company has just decided that they should have been paying his CIS @20% for the past year. They have just asked us to go through all his invoices and be very specific about labour and materials (we do generally) and want us to resubmit. They then want to identify how much CIS they should have paid to HMRC, invoice US for the amount they should have paid to HMRC and then pay HMRC ! can they do this? Personally i feel that they failed to be really clear in the beginning about this, so why should we now be invoiced when we can submit this on our claims going forward. I want to bat it back and say leave alone for past year and going forward happy for the deduction to be made on invoices etc.... what do people think? want some nice wording to go back to them with.
  2. I see, they are not a small vet at all, but a hugh equine hospital and the amount of £127 is a drop in the ocean really - seeing as they have done without it for 8 / 9 years. I think I will go back and argue this. especially as they have made no effort to contact. can you point me in the direction of wording please? thanks in advance
  3. Hi I had to have my animal treated back in 2008 - 2009 for mites (it was a horse) shortly after that my husband and I suffered serious financial difficulties and ended up on an IVA. I never had a bill from the vets, but I did advise them of our situation. I have just had an email from them saying the bill is outstanding and they want paying for it. they said they had not been able to contact us, but we have not moved and not changed any telephone numbers - bearing in mind this is now 8 to 9 years ago, where do I stand?
  4. Hi all, Update, my car is in a worse state than originally advised, the valves have now gone on the engine as well as the injectors. the repair is now going to be more than the car. Despite what opinions are, I would expect a car to last a bit longer than 2 months??? Not that I doubt any advise on this site, in fact the opposite as the site has helped me elsewhere. BUT i also approached the CAB about this and outlined my issues as above in my original post and this is what they have said: Your rights and obligations: Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (As Amended) all goods supplied must match their description. If this is not the case then you may ask for what you should have got or a refund. You do not get any rights regarding the quality of the product or it being fit for purpose with a private sale. Sometimes the seller may ask you to prove what you are claiming to be true. Criminal offence: As misleading customers is a criminal offence we will be passing this information onto the appropriate Trading Standards authorities to make them aware of your concerns. The case is being with referred with no commitment to contact yourself, but they may contact you if they wish to discuss the matter further or require further information. Your next steps: We would suggest taking a formal approach and addressing the seller in writing. We would suggest obtaining proof of sending the letter/email and keeping a copy of any contact – this may help you prove that you have contacted the seller and tried to resolve the matter amicably. We would advise you outline any relevant events regarding this issue and make it clear what you expect from the seller and why. It should also give the seller a reasonable time to resolve the matter.
  5. Hi all, I bought a car through a private sale a couple of months ago, (£1750) it was advertised as in Good Condition. It was test driven and all okay. Bought the car and within a couple of weeks there was an issue with starting and the lights on one side of the vehicle failed, as well as no reversing lights. I have just picked up the car from my local garage and they have fixed the light problem, broken wiring (£159) I had also asked them to check out the starting problem. and they have advised the following. 2 x diesel injectors found to be leaking fuel back to tank cost of £900 to fit including labour. There are also fault codes appearing EGR Valve signal and Camshaft Sensor Signal. (no costs given yet) I know this was a private purchase, but I am wondering that as these are mechanical and would not have been seen at time of purchase, where would I stand with claiming some of the costs back for repairs.bearing in mind the advert was Good Condition and I still have a copy of the advert. Is it down to the seller to prove they were working at the time, I spoke to the mechanic and he advised that the injector issue happens over a period of time so its not an over night problem. any thoughts welcome, I would be happy to just get some money back from the seller.
  6. Hi long story attempted to be short. Son leased a care from Peugeot back in 2013. year and half later he landed a job as a rep, therefore got a company car. He decided to voluntary hand back the Peugeot at the beginning of this year, as it was costing him near £300 a month. After lots of arguments with the company and the insurance company, they finally agreed to the voluntary hand back of the car. The car was finally collected at the end of September. It had been parked up since January and not used. The car was immaculate inside and had general wear and tear on the outside, no major dents/ scratches or anything. However today a letter is received by son from RMS Receivables, saying that he is in default of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 under s86E ???? they are claiming that there is £250 worth of dents and scratches on the car that " the vehicle is found to be damaged over and above industry fair wear and tear" and payment is to be made in the next few days. How do they determine industry fair wear and tear? My son has not had any bumps accidents in this vehicle and it has not been driven since January 2015. I want to support him in disputing this but how do I go about it? Any ideas?
  7. Thank you for this, was beginning to waiver. I haven't spoken to them at all.
  8. Hi dx, As I said above I switched as getting too expensive. Owed just under £200. Life got in way and I forgot to sort out with EDF. I have tried to pay back at regular amount, but all I get from LCS is I have to ring them and discuss due to Data Protection. I don't want to speak to them. Don't want to be pushed into a corner
  9. Hi all, Changed energy supplier a few months ago as EDF just got too expensive - happy with new supplier, but I owed EDF just under £200. Must admit I had planned to pay a bit each month, but life got in the way and I forgot to sort it all out with EDF. They passed details onto LCS and i started getting phone calls to galore, up to 6 a day on house phone and mobile. As well as 2 or 3 letters a week. I contacted EDF and offered to pay them £20 a month to clear, but they refused to take the money and I had to deal with the "debt collectors" I told EDF that I refused to deal with them as they had continuously harrased me and that they, EDF, needed to ask them to stop calling me. Funnily enough the calls eased up. I emailed LCS and advised them that I was happy to send them £20 a month (this was over 4 months ago). I had no response for weeks from them, just kept getting letters in the post. emailed again asking why they had not responded, again it took 2 - 3 weeks before they came back, all I get from them in the email is that they want to speak to me. I refuse to speak and negotiate to them over the phone, have told them umpteen times in the email. I had also advised that partner had just been dismissed form his job (that's another story:-x) and that I was now not able to give the £20 as originally thought and it would have to be £10 a month if any thing. Again they have not acknowledged this I have even asked for details so I can pay directly, again nothing all I keep getting back is its DATA PROTECTION and that they MUST speak to me. Where do I go from here, we seem to be in a stalemate situation...... do I have to speak to them?
  10. Hi Am in a running battle with Nationwide and various collections agencies since 2010. Now ARCEurope have written to me and advised me that as the account I hold was a Flex Account and not a Credit Agreement there is no Consumer Credit Agreement. Is this correct, seeing as I had an overdraft on the account. Any one else had this? They are also asking for a full financial statement from us, which I dont really want to give. My argument is that I had an authorised overdraft-limit of £300 that I had used to the limit and was in the process of paying back, when Nationwide took a large amount off the overdraft reducing it by £100 and then started charging me with what they called unauthorised use of the overdraft each month. I have been arguing this since July 2010. I am about to write to Nationwide again asking if they will refund the unauthorised charges and then I will conisder a payment plan to to repay the outstanding amount. Any thoughts
  11. Hi, Just wondered if anyone had any dealings with ARCEurope Limited. I have been getting letters from them in respect of a Nationwide Flex Account, which I used in 2009 - 2010 the account had an overdraft on it, which whilst I was in the overdraft limit NW reduced by £100 then started charging me for being over the overdraft at £20 a time. I have had this passed from 4 different agencies and now with ARCEurope. I can't afford to pay the amount of £247 and I have received a letter today stating a CCJ has been prepared against me and CAN be issues in Northampton. If the matter is passed to our Solicitors for issue, our client will claim the following....... more blurp, a nd then at the end it says, if you ignore this letter we may pass this matter to our solicitors to issue the claim without further notice. I can probably offer to pay £5 - £10 a month, but no more than that Any thoughts or suggestions.
  12. Hi all,I have been in an IVA since end of 2008 and this in effect will be my last year finishing Sept 2014. Problem is whilst the payments have been low they have just jumped from £150 to £371 per month, we are really going to struggle with this and I have advised them so.I have been offered by a 3rd party money to pay this off £8000, we want to do this and I have spoken to case handler and he suggested a figure that the creditors may accept as£6697. I have been told to put it all in writing as to why we think the creditors should accept the £8K as full and final settlement. Obviously i have not got any equity in the house, plus the Building society will not remortgage for us anyway. (so was going to get letter to that effect to back up the reasons)Plus, my health - I have been struggling with depression and now high blood pressure for the past2 - 3 years and a lot of it is worry and stress around our finances. I want to get my GP on board to back up the letter - what do people think to that?I don't want the IVA to fail and if we are forced to make the payments at £371 a month this will eventually happen. The case handler did tell me that we could apply for a review in terms and justify that we cannot afford the monthly amount and if we do this the term may be spread over another 12 months and to be honest I don't think I can cope with that. I feel very much at breaking point now.So what I need from you all is some guidance on a letter to write to the IVA company, some good solid reasons to accept the full and final settlement. Ideally I want to send it this week.Many thanks in advance
  13. Advice please guys.....
  14. Okay, I have now received another letter from SRJ and they have doubled the amount now asking for £130, bit steep considering the the original amount was £60. What to do, do i contact SRJ or go direct to sky. NOT paying the 130.
  15. Hi all, A little while ago, we had a hiccup with direct debits for Sky, we basically missed a month of subscription of about £60.00. The services were cut off by Sky and a month later a letter sent that saying that our services MAY be cut off. I am not any further forward with being able to pay them the missed direct debit - due to other financial situations - but now am getting letters and constant phone calls and text messages on my land line from SRJ demanding to talk to us on a personal matter. I have so far ignored the calls and the letters. Do you think I should continue to do this, or do I need to respond to Sky saying can't pay, if i was able to pay it would be on a £1.00 a month basis. Any thoughts or words of wisdom.....
  16. Hi, I have recently had to visit vet with my animal the bill came to £37. admittedly it should have been paid at the beginning of July, but I honestly forgot. On wednesday just gone, I had a phone message to say I had not paid the bill, this was on 1st Sept, as I did not get in till late it was too late to call them and pay, I have today (3rd Sept) received in the post a letter from the vet, with big red letters of FINAL Notice splattered across it, and they have said they will pass it to County Court for payment, a little bit gobsmacked as this is a small amount. plus they have threatened that baliffes will collect from the house. Is this correct. I really want to respond to the vets as I think this is a little mad I will pay them obviously, infact I have just tried this morning and they are shut for non emergency phone calls.
  17. hi all, I am in an IVA which has been put forward as a joint IVA for me and OM we are in our second year and its going very well. we are heading for our second review at the end of august and have all my payslips and P60 ready for the IVA company, now with the increase in fuel etc of which I am using more now than when the IVA was set up - though not doing more miles - I want to challenge if necessary the IVA company and I understand that they work to a "CCCS expenses guideline" - does ANYONE know where I can find this? Many thanks
  18. Hello, I had been intouch with a Scottish Power representative through this site. I initiated the contact as I was absolutely fed up with being pushed around between different debt collectors for an oustanding debt. I thought that I was doing the right thing by contacting the representative - but I am somewhat disheartened now after what seemed a promising start. I contacted the representative on 12 May '11 with my concerns and issues, I had a prompt reply saying that my file would be looked into and contact would be made by telephone, I had advised that I did not want to be contacted by this method and gave alternative contact details. I waited and have had nothing back, I tried to PM the rep again and kept getting message saying their inbox was full and could not receive or send messages. So now it's the 13 June and I have had no response and am still getting letters from yet another - have the scottish power reps given up?
  19. I am intersted in how you go with this too, I have ping ponged between Buchanan Clerk and Wells and Scotcall, I had asked for the appropriate paperwork under BCW and advised them that I was unhappy with their repeated telephone calling. It went very quite in since then (March) and now Scot Call are here saying they will be visiting....... yeah right
  20. Flaming people - I had to contact Nationwide to advise them that I could not make the full payment and had reduced it to £5.00 sent off the cheque to BC with copy of communication to Nationwide and BC has just sent me a letter staing that they had not received any payment. So am in the process of sending them a snotty letter saying payment sent and proof of posting another copy of communication with Nationwide and also remind them I and hubby are both suffering for depression and taking prescribed medication. I am going to have to change the original amount I pay them each month any way, mainly due to rising costs of everything and no payrise, we are struggling as it is.
  21. Letter from BC today: We thank you for your communication regarding this account. We have referred the matter to our client and will revert to you as soon as we are in receipt of instructions In the mean time, we confirm that we have placed the account on hold. So just need response from Nationwide now.....
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