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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. It doesn't mention POFA. We have not taken any action. We have not taken any action on the parking charge notice. We will now ignore it and subsequent letters - thanks everyone for your advice
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for your messages and sorry for the slow reply. The company is "Euro car parks", it was in Glasgow, the 'offence' was 20/12/14 and their letter is dated 29/12/14. I gather it was received shortly thereafter. They have called it a "Parking Charge Notice (PCN)" It is a number plate capture. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am looking for information that explains what to do when you have been the victim of a private "penalty charge notice" along with template letters to send to the parking company. Unfortunately my grandpa was sent one of these notices (his relative was legitimately shopping in the retail park) and appears to have unwittingly overstayed the two hour limit and been picked up by ANPR. It is over a month ago so they don't have shopping receipts. I remember reading in the forums a few years ago about the contract to park being between the driver (NOT the registered keeper) and the landowner and there were templates to this effect to send. I can't find them. Could someone please point me towards them so that I can fight this unfair charge?
  5. ah dear ok well thanks for the advice legalpickle guess i'll just have to stump up and pay it
  6. Hi, I've received a 'Glasgow City Council Penalty Charge Notice' for parking in a loading/unloading part of a public street outwith the designated times. If I understand the street sign then I really shouldn't have parked there: I wasn't thinking correctly as I'd had an extremely upsetting day. I wondered if I had grounds to get the ticket cancelled on either the following: 1) Near the top of the ticket it says "Date of Notice:" followed by the correct date - MondeoST24's excellent post says the ticket must say "Date of Issue" - mine says "Date of Notice"? 2) At the bottom of the ticket it says "Issued by City Parking (Glasgow) LLP on behalf of Glasgow City Council" - this looks like the Council is paying an external organisation to enforce parking regulations - can they do this? 3) At the top it says "ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1991 (As Amended)" and then a bit below it "The grounds on which the parking attendant believes that a penalty charge is payable with respect to the vehicle: parking contravention 02 had occurred at 17:35 Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting/loading restrictions are in force Date of Contravention: 5/10/09" I wondered if "parking contravention 02" might be incorrect and a technicality I could argue? I have absolutely no legal experience! Thanks in advance, a184
  7. sorry...I really don't have much experience of this, so I don't know what to do. But I haven't heard of anyone having to do this method which leaves you open to expenses...maybe the person at the Small Claims desk was wrong/didn't know what they were doing? so why not try it again, and see if a different person lets you do it? if that doesn't work, you could always try another sheriff court... which one did you try it at btw? a184
  8. hi hondamad21, I'm going to try it through a 'Small Claim Summons, Action for/of Payment' Did you say yu had problems with this? a184
  9. OK, thank you for clearing that up half ax I and T4FF! a184
  10. Hi, BoS have offered me my full amount back. However, the acceptance form I have to sign says: "I confirm that I accept the offer of £58 from BoS in full and final settlement of my complaint regarding bank charges made on my BoS accounts." Does this mean that by signing this form I will be unable to dispute and claim any future unfair charges? (Hopefully it won't happen again though!) I phoned BoS and they said that if I amend the form in any way they won't give me my money back.
  11. Thank you very much for your replies. here's what I'm putting on my form. Can you tell me if this looks alright, or have I made any silly mistakes/should it get me what I'm after? Claim (form of decree or oher order sought): "Removal of adverse data from the pursuer's credit file" State details of claim here: "The adverse information on the pursuer's credit file is down to the above unlawful charges. The pursuer requires the complete removal of this information from his credit file under ss.7 and 13 of the Data Protection Act 1998." cheers a184
  12. thanks for your replies. as I've already written to BoS and they've refused to amend my credit report, I was really looking for something to put in my refund claim form that would force BoS to amend my credit report (eg an order from the court). does anyone know what I can write? Cheers, a184
  13. Hi, I'm filling out the form to take BoS to court. In the example statement of claim, there's nothing that tells me what to write regarding telling defendant (BoS) to remove the default on my credit report. Can someone please tell me what to write/advise me where I'll find what to write so that when the court orders BoS to pay up they'e also ordered to remove the default from my credit report? What I mean is what do I write in my court claim to get the bank to remove the credit default? I've looked everywhere and can't find an answer. Thank you a
  14. Thanks. Just another question: You said "Plus expenses of bringing the action" - do I list the expenses or does the court somehow calculate this? Oh and what goes in the " Action for/of " box (bearing in mind that this is a DPA compliance request, NOT a request for payment)? cheers a
  15. Hi, HBoS have been messing me around since June 06, I'm trying to get copies of my statements under DPA. I've followed all steps and now only opion is to take them to court to get statements. In the Scottish Small Claim Summons Form it asks for "Claim (form of decree or other order sought)". Is this the part where I write "Order under Section 7 and Section 15(2) of the Data Protection Act 1998" or do I write something else? Sorry if this seems a stupid question, but I really just want to get the form sent away and get my statements!
  16. Thanks for the advice Rooster - I'll get right on it!
  17. Hi, Bank of Scotland (BoS) sent me a letter offering me £58 in FULL AND FINAL settlement after I sent them the Letter Before Action (LBA). This £58 was the full amount I was claiming so I was excited to accept it and not have to go to court. I filled out their acceptance form, changing it to reserve the right to contest future unfair charges and sent it away. It was after postng it that I remembered that this means by not taking them to court and accepting their offer, they're not going to remove the strike against my credit report. Is there ANYTHING I can do now, or do I have to accept that I can't get my credit report changed now? Thank you, and Merry Christmas. a184
  18. Hi, I'm rather confused too. Am I able to claim the £0.11 interest that I was charged by BoS for the period I was in an unauthorised overdraft? (I went into this overdraft by my own stupid fault, not due to charges levied to my account). Thank you a
  19. I'm keen to get my refund ASAP Can I claim all the charges back now? (one of them isn't taken from my account until the end of October). Thanks
  20. thanks jimmelling! i'm gonna give those banks hell!
  21. thanks andybhoy also, does anyone know if I can request they delete this incident from my credit file? ---it was my fault i went into a £6 unauthorised overdraft at first, but they made it worse by charging me for this!? thanks in advance for any help.
  22. Hi, I recently went into an unauthorised overdraft. I am claiming the £30 "Paid Item" fee back, which BoS charge for honouring a transaction when there aren't sufficient funds in my account. However, they're also charging me £28 for going into an "unauthorised overdraft". Can I claim this back, or is this a justified fee - they could be charging me for providing the unauthorised overdraft service (although I'm also charged about 5% for the unauthorised overdraft)? Any advice is most appreciated.
  23. Hi, I recently went into an unauthorised overdraft. I am claiming the £30 "Paid Item" fee back, which BoS charge for honouring a transaction when there aren't sufficient funds in my account. However, they're also charging me £28 for going into an "unauthorised overdraft". Can I claim this back, or is this a justified fee - they could be chargeing me for providing the overdraft service (although I'm also charged about 5% for the unauthorised overdraft)? Any advice is most appreciated.
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