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  1. Hi DX and thanks for the help. Figures on the original agreement laid out as follows CASH LOAN (A) PPI (B) 1100.00 DEDUCT BORROWERS CONTRIBUTION? 100.00 1000.00 AMOUNT OF LOAN 112.55 1112.55 270.08 TOTAL CHARGE CREDIT 30.15 300.33 1270 TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE 142.80 1412.88 52.92 MONTHLY PAYMENT 5.95 58.82 When filling in the spreadsheet do i claim for each and every payment made up to the 24 months it ran? I will also send a letter, do I just thank them for upholding the complaint and ask them nicely for the interest they overlooked or is there something stronger for me to mention?
  2. Hi. Long time since I last posted on CAG. I am hoping someone can help me guide my Brother. He had a loan for £1000 way back in 1991. PPI single premium was added making his total loan £1,112. He still had his original loan agreement which made it very easy to fill in his claim form for missold ppi. He originally had gone to his bank to take out a pension plan with scottish widows (still running) whilst there he was encouraged to take out a loan also. That was his first and last loan! On to the misselling of ppi, when he called back into the bank to sign the paperwork for the loan, the form had been prefilled. He hadnt been given a choice on taking out the ppi. he states that when he questioned the figures prior to signing it was only then he was told it was required for the loan. lloyds letter just consisted of a breakdown of his ppi figures and conclude that he is entitled to a refund of £6.33 including interest. Im a little bemused and wondered if I should be doing a spreadsheet to include 8% interest? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance P.S The offer letter arrived Thursday and the cheque arrived this morning. Quick service.....
  3. Thank you all for your replies and advice. I'm not really sure what my pension credit is made up with. I have my2 eldest Grandchildren living with me for the last 7 years. I used to get Carer Allowance but the eldest Grandson earns a fair wage which disqualified the claim. He still helps when I'm unwell though (epilepsy and heart probs) I have made it very clear to my Daughter I can only allow her to stay for a maximum of 6 weeks. She will use my bedroom for her and the 2 youngest.Friends have gathered round to help with storing her furniture. The eviction happening this morning. Only that its very traumatic for her whilst on medication for her depression, I would have ensured she went into emergency accommodation. Many thanks for the kind replies.
  4. My DLA is care and mobility. My Daughter is 40. Both children are on child protection register due to an abusive previous relationship with their father. My daughter gets income support and child benefit.
  5. thank you honeybee. shelter did help with advice on making the homeless application. She is being evicted from private accommodation.
  6. Hi My Daughter has made a homeless application whilst waiting to be evicted tomoro. She has to present herself at the neighbourhood office. She will likely be offered hostel or b&b. She has 2 young children and is on anti depressants and is unable to face the idea of a hostel. I am in receipt of DLA and pension credits. Would my benefits be affected if I offered to have them in my home for a few weeks whilst waiting for council accommodation? Thanks for any advice
  7. Thank you Andy for your reply. I will post with any further development.
  8. Hello hope someone can help with advice. I moved house about a year ago and my supplier was n power via a prepayment meter. I continued with n power at my new address but have quarterly billing. In June I received a letter informing me I was in debt for £406 from my previous address, I ignored it because I paid by prepayment meter there so tthought it was a mistake. Last week I received a letter threatening court action from collections direct. I rang them and said it was a mistake but they were very rude and said I had to pay in full within 7 days or they will issue court proceedings. I cant even get any sense from n power, they say i owe this as my final bill. What can i do from here? How can i put this account into dispute? Thanks for any advice
  9. angel49

    Food Poisoning

    Thanks postggi I had eaten for two nights running. The evening before I'd had the carvery.
  10. angel49

    Food Poisoning

    Bookworm Thanks for that response. You have convinced me enough not to continue with this. I'm just angry with their blase' attitude. Am i allowed to ask to see the full report and evidence as to how many had the same choice as me? Thank you again
  11. angel49

    Food Poisoning

    Hello I wrote back to tha brewery who passed everything on to their claims handler. They sent me a response just dismissing my complaint. Could someone advise if my response to them now is ok to send or should I just report to the environmental health officer. Thanks.
  12. Have received this in the post, the second this year. I didn't pay much attention to the first one and just paid it. I would appreciate someones opinion/advice thank you. http://
  13. Thank you for your help. I'll get a letter out tomorrow. Will let you know what happens, thanks again.
  14. Thank you for your reply. The loan was for £3000 and taken out in 2007/2008.
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