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  1. Would love to know how you get on. I submitted my bundle a few weeks ago and have yet to see anything from barclays. My court date is 29th June so I will probably need to call them in two/three weeks time too
  2. Got them bookmarked, will read in the next couple of days Thanks
  3. Tis ok, found it... by running a search :o For those who stumble across this, you only need to include statements that show a charge or interest
  4. Right, got a court date now, 28th June. I have prepared my bundle, just about to run off some copies, but have one last question... Do I need all 500 statement pages, or, just the ones which show a charge and the interest charged ? Thanks in advance Greg
  5. Still a barclays customer yup I agree with dar3n though, don't worry, the courts will get their attention soon enough I suspect that with the number of claims going on, they may not be able to respond to each in time either...
  6. Thanks, I will call the courts tomorrow and ask them for advice on the best course of action. Tried to post new thread again... doesn't work
  7. Thanks for the prompt response Been trying to post new thread again to no avail... Anyway... The AQ went yesterday via recorded delivery, can I send my schedule retrospectively ?
  8. Sorry to hijack your thread, I have been trying to post a new thread to no avail, and my question is kind of related. Since I have now received and completed my allocation questionaire, I was reading through the next steps to prepare in advance and noticed this (related to filing court claim) If filing with moneyclaim online, "You cannot include your schedule of charges here, you should post 2 copies of your schedule to the Northampton Bulk Processing Centre the day you issue your claim, so that the schedules can be served with the court papers." I only stated how much I was claiming for, and never posted the schedule of charges as indicated above, although Barclays have had a copy sent to them when I wrote directly to them (2 letters in total). I noticed in the bank's defence that they state no detail of charges has been supplied by myself. I am in dog doo now, should I cut my losses and run, or, keep going and wait for a court date or settlement ? Thanks in advance. Sorry again for the hijack :o
  9. Had exactly the same happen to me. Logged on first thing in the morning, started to apply for judgment and wanted to review my interest calculation before pressing submit. By the time I got back to the web site, the judgment was halted and I received paperwork in the post a couple of days later. I suspect moneyclaim online don't update the website as and when they get the defence, could take a few hours I suppose.
  10. Allocation Questionaire received and sent back.
  11. Court claim filed a while ago thanks to moneyclaimonline. I have now received a letter from the Northampton County Court to let me know Barclays have acknowledged my claim, and intend to defend all of the claim. Reading around, I guess I should now wait for the allocation questionnaire to come through and complete it.
  12. Ok, responded back stating that I accepted the partial payment, but not accepting it as a full and final settlement. Also told them that I would be pursing them through the courts if no answer within 14 days. The 14 days have passed, the court claim is now in full swing...
  13. Hi all, posted my first letter on tuesday 5th dec, claiming for £690. I received one letter on 7th claiming they would need time to respond, blah blah blah. Got a letter today (8th) offering £340 in settlement, can't believe quite how easy that was. I am now pondering whether to accept or not... Just thinking though, that the "legal" charge a bank can make fairly is £12 max, which corresponds to £360 in my case, £690 - £360 = £330 so they are refunding me more than I am entitled already in principle... :-| Thanks for the help on this site, I will make a contribution as soon as the dust has settled and funds reached my account .
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