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  1. Hello to all, I am a new user. I purchased a LG 42" Plasma Television from an online retailer which went into receivership before my warranty expired. Several faults developed (screen blinking more than once on changing channels, red& green smudges on faces, ghost television image retention .. to name a few) I contacted LG who instructed a subcontractor to collect & repair the unit. It is LGs policy to collect the faulty units first before ordering parts, a rotten policy since my parts took some 6 weeks to arrive from Korea ! The unit was collected early August and returned mid-October but the faults were not rectified despite a major repair works. In addition, the unit was brought with deep scrathes and black marks on the silver speaker perforation which I later discovered were dust from breezeblocks. My television was stored in an area of major building works. This was told to me in the strictest of confidence by the delivery crew! I immediately contacted the repair company who came by the following morning and collected the unit which remains with them at present. The repair company has indicated that they cannot do any more repairs..i.e cannot fully successfully repair te unit. The irony is that LG indicate that the unit is ready and successfully repaired. Obviously there is lack of communication between LG and their subcontractors. I have written several letters to LG (inc. one to their UK MD Mr Nar) but LG have not been very concerned about this delay. Their MD has not acknowledged my letter nor replied to it. I can understand that some units will develop faults but cannot understand the terrible Customer Services attitude. I have sought the advice of Trading Standards who initially were of the opinion that as my retailer was liquidated, I do not have much option but to be patient with LG. However, after several calls over a few months, I was advised that LG was in breach of both Express Terms of warranty (to successfully repair unit or replace at LGs discretion) and Implied Terms of carrying out repairs "within a reasonable time" which is Probably a month. I was advised to take the matter to the Small Claims section. I have now recorded my telephone conversations with LG as well as the subcontracors who gave conflicting verbal reports. I am aware that this evidence is not permissable in the courts but I can at least prove that LG have got the wrong end of the stick. THe judge might allow the evidence in the interest of justice...maybe! I have now been without a television in my house since early August. Any help/advice from you folks who may have similar experience, particularly with LG will be appreciated. Would you pls advice me whether to go ahead and purchase another unit (Not LG of course!) and claim my money back via litigation ? I am aware that the judge may reduce the claim for fair wear and tear. Would readers please be careful when buying LG products. I advice you all to purchase a 5 year guarantee with all Plasma/LCD TVs. Hindsight is indeed a great ! My humble appreciation and gratitude to all readers and comments in advance.
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