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  1. Have been trying to get hold of garage all weekend and this morning. No-one there and no answering of phone. As he needs his car for work we could argue that we needed to get started on the repair - the earliest we are looking at it being ready is early next week even without waiting for garage reply! The garage that sold it is only a one man business so very difficult to get hold of someone! Have spoken to the finance company who basically say "tough"!! Spoke to Trading Standards this morning too who say it is highly unlikely that we have leg to stand on as it could be classed as wea
  2. Thanks for that - although still a hard hit a lot better than original quote. Unfortunately a long way from sheffield!! It is in a friend's garage at the moment and we are expecting a quote later today - as it is a small garage and a friend who looks after all our cars (the whole family I mean - not that we have a fleet of cars!!) we are hoping for a reasonable price. As the car had passed the 72000 mark I believe it would be reasonable to expect that the cam belt had been changed when he bought it and therefore will attempt to recoup some, if not all, of the costs incurred! May need m
  3. Also, having now got all stuff here, there is no service history as such - just a service sheet dated 11.09.03 at 17, 291 miles. I presume this weakens our case! The loan is also a "fixed-sum agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974"
  4. Car is a Renault Clio Dynamique, 1.5 DCI, think it's a 16 valve, 2001 manufacture, 3 door. Does this help? We have scoured all the books and service history and no mention of cam belt anywhere!! Thanks very much for all your help, we are really appreciating it. Chris xx
  5. The mileage on the car is 86,000 and my son has done 4000 since he bought it in September. He thinks it had a full service history with it (he is not at home at the moment) and a new MOT was put on the car on the date of purchase.
  6. Hi, it is a standard credit agreement. Thanks Chris xx
  7. Have put long post on another forum (which i think was the wrong one for this subject! Blond and new to site!!) To cut long story short - my son bought a Renault Clio Diesel from a trader about 3 months ago for £4000, car is about 4 years old, and he bought it on finance. Last night the cam belt snapped and he is looking at £1500 to £2000 repair bill. Does he have any legal rights either from (A) the garage or (B) the finance company, or is it just bad luck and down to wear and tear. Any thoughts, advice or tips on what to do next would really be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  8. Stumbled on this web site by pure accident and so far been on here for 50 mins!! Just had to register!! I was initially looking to see what rights, if any, my son has so if someone here can help would really appreciate it before he loses his hair completely!! He bought a 2nd hand Renault Clio, from a garage, under finance, 3 months ago for £4000. It is roughly 4 years old (not too sure completely but new style registration). The car suddenly stopped last night and he called out the breakdown service who informed him that the cam belt had snapped and that he was looking at around £1500
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