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  1. Hi Slick, Eeek !! Hope I haven't posted in the wrong section No, none of the accounts are in arrears, neither the original Sky / MS ones or the current BC ones....I just don't like the idea of my credit report appearing to say I have access to £6400 worth of unused credit when I actually don't
  2. Hi Folks, Was wondering if anyone has had a problem with their MS / Sky CC accounts when they were taken over by Barclaycard - according to my (Equifax) credit report, my MS / Sky card accounts are still active despite BC taking them over and transferring the balances to new BC accounts. Basically, if you look at my report, it looks like I have four accounts where I should only have two. I wasn't aware of this as I've only just started monitoring my credit reports. Have drafted a letter to BC asking them to correct this but as I say, am curious if anyone else has had this problem and how they resolved it.... Thanks in advance....
  3. ...am aware of the interest etc, but my personal circumstances are a bit unusual at the moment. My wife passed away about 4 weeks ago, and to be honest, yes, I could carry on with the court thing but at the minute I just don't have the heart to drag it out any longer. I'm lucky enough that I'm not desperate for the money either, but I always said to her going into this that if I got enough money out of the bank for a new telly and an Xbox360 then I'd be happy Got the Xbox on Friday and the telly is being delivered this week, so I'm happy enough. Even better, I have a friend who reckons she's owed about £4000 in charges, so with the experience of this, I'm giving her a hand to claim those back.
  4. Well, got an offer yesterday from RBS of just over £1500. As the original amount I expected to get was about £300, and the original amount claimed was £1600, rather than drag it out, I've decided to accept their offer. Sent the letter accepting it off last night, obviously I lose the court fees, which I'm fine with, will not be cancelling the action until the money is in my account though !
  5. Well, have had absolutely zero response from RBS within the timescale I'd given them, so have filed with MCOL this morning. Even gave them longer than 14 days as I suffered a bereavement a fortnight ago and haven't really had any time to look at this until today. All seems straight forward so far, will see what happens next.
  6. Just thought I'd keep a record of my dealings with RBS so far. Sent off a SAR and received my statements just over a week ago, was expecting that the charges on my account that I would be looking to claim back would be around the £300 mark. Was horrified when I sat last Monday and entered everything into a spreadsheet - even after deducting Royalties fees, the total of charges was actually closer to £1600 ! Needless to say I haven't wasted any time in sending off my second letter and yesterday I received what appears to be a standard reply from Sandy Watt saying that they were investigating and would contact me 'in due course', which seems to be a change from the '8 weeks' response that I've heard about. Obviously, I'm not going to sit around waiting for them to get in touch, their 14 days is up next week at which point I'll be sending the LBA. Must confess, I'm quite enjoying this
  7. Hi Folks - I've heard about reclaiming bank charges before but have never got round to doing anything. I have a few queries though. I've been a customer of the RBS since I left school (approximately 18 years) and over that time I've lost count of the amount of money I must have shelled out for going overdrawn, missing payments (part of the reason for this will become clear later), direct debits etc - obviously I'm interested in if I can get some of this back. My RBS account *was* my main account, however, about 6 years ago I moved back to England and switched all my banking to Barclays as I found their service far better (and still do). The only payment that now comes out of the RBS account is for a loan (with RBS, which I believe finishes in Oct 2007 - I have documentation for this which suggests it's a seperate loan account - it certainly has a different account number on it - which is what I would expect - it's certainly not incorporated in the balance of my normal RBS account) and the monthly "Royalties Gold" account fee. No money is paid into the RBS account other than cash which I put in on payday to cover the above - my wages go directly via BGC to the Barclays account. At no time since I moved accounts (at least two years) have RBS queried the lack of funds going into my account. This is where things can go wrong though as there is very little time for error - if I don't pay the money in *on* payday then invariably the bank tries to take either the loan or the account fees , there's not enough money in my account, the payment bounces, I get charged and then have to put more money in the account to cover it. If I miss both the payment dates then the cost snowballs - I can remember having paid about £90 in charges one month just to get the account back on an even keel. They may also try up to three times a month to take the fees and charge each time if there isn't enough money in there. It can very quickly become a nightmare, although I've been really careful once I cottoned on what was happening and haven't really been caught out in the last 18 months. Why don't I just move the loan payments to my Barclays account and close the RBS one I hear you ask ? I have spoken to RBS previously about transferring payments from my RBS account to my Barclays one and when I switched banks, Barclays actually did all this for me for all my other bills etc but RBS told them the loan payment could not be cancelled or transferred. Otherwise I would have completely shut down the RBS account by now. I have also asked about this when speaking to RBS' loan admin centre in Glasgow but was told the same thing with no explanation. Most of these charges have been in the last four or five years as that's the term of the loan. Also, I cannot recall ever even getting a letter from the bank for my £30, they just deducted the charges. I deposit the money via the RBS in town, but my account is still held in Scotland. First question - given that my branch is in Scotland, if I pursue this matter do I have to do it via the Scottish courts or the English ones as I believe there is a difference in the terms and amounts you can claim for ? My second concern is with my loan ? If I claim this money and am successful and they close my account, am I immediately liable for the remainder of the loan as according to them it can't be repaid from anywhere other than my RBS account. This what really concerns me and I tend to just pay up where the RBS is concerned as I don't want to draw attention to myself. Sorry to have gone on a bit, thanks for any advice !
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