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  1. The charges are Cheque return fees, Unpaid D/D, Unpaid S/O, Unpaid R/P, Paid referral fee (this then changed to a monthly charge under the guise of Referral fee for Jan etc), Unarranged borrowing fee. There were over the course of 6 years and on a Business account.
  2. Well, better late than never. I submitted the claim yesterday. Went in expecting it to take ages, after loading up the parking meter, and I was out 5 minutes and £250 later. I was really nervous going in to drop off these fat folders full of bank statements, but what a relief that I'd actually done it. Definitely wouldn't have had the bottle without the guidance and encouraging stories on the site. Now lets see what happens in 14 days.
  3. I've had no reply to the Prelim, so I sent off the LBA on the 29th Jan. Maybe they will reply to that.
  4. Haha! Oh well, "Forewarned is Forearmed!" Thanks
  5. I got a standard reply to the Prelim on the 9th Jan, and the same again to the LBA on the 10th. Their time was up on the 22nd Jan, and I should have submitted the claim that day, but cash flow being what it is, it will have to wait until sometime this week (it costs £250 to file a claim of this size). I did speak to the clerk at my local County Court when I picked up the forms, and she told me that of all the claims that had gone in, only one had gone to the AQ stage. Nice!!
  6. Well I got the statements on the 11th Jan, so I guess the LBA for the Data Protection Act did the trick. I sent off the Preliminary claim, recorded, on the 15th Jan and got the standard refusal on the 20th. Pretty quick when they want to be! Anyway, their time was up on the 1st Feb so I sent the LBA on the 2nd. Lets see what happens now.
  7. Yesterday I sent off my Preliminary letter for just over £1,300. I got all the charges info within 40 days, and that included a query from them because I hadn't included the sort code. This is my third claim that I've got in the works (also claiming against 2 other banks) at the same time, so this should be a busy few months! They are all claims for business accounts. Does anybody know if these take more or less time to sort out? S
  8. I sent off my request for a list of charges on 22nd Nov 06 but as of yesterday haven't received anything. Although they did deposit the cheque for £10 on 12th Dec 06. So yesterday I sent off the LBA for "Order under Section 7 and Section 15(2) of the Data Protection Act 1998". We'll see what happens in 7 days, but I am not going to hesitate in following through on it. I've also got a claim in progress with NatWest. They did send the details back pretty quickly and I sent them the Preliminary request for a refund on 19th Dec 06. Their time to reply was also up yesterday, so they got sent a LBA too! It's going to be an interesting couple of months, because I'm still waiting for paperwork to come back from Lloyds as well. I'm not going to give any of them any slack, and I have the relevant letters ready to send out the same day they become due, all thanks to the template library. I wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for the mine of info that's on this site. Thanks CAG.
  9. Quick update: As expected, there has been no reply from NatWest, so today I've sent off the LBA with another copy of the schedule of charges. Recorded of course!
  10. Yes it was a business account. Unfortunately the charges have been a major contributing factor in the shop closing after Christmas. As I posted on another thread the other day, apart from the first couple of inadvertant overdrawals in 2001, the amount that the account became overdrawn on occassion never even came close to the cumulative amount of the charges. So this is payback.
  11. I sent off my Prelim claim letter yesterday, recorded. It's for just under £14,000, over 6 years of business. I think I may need a bit of help along the way! I'm going to post every bit of info I get on this claim here, so at the end of the day there'll be a full record of it right to the end. Fingers crossed.
  12. Thanks for that Glenn, I've just come up with the final figure, £13,750. I've done a cumulative comparison of the totals of the bank charges/overdraft. Amazing! Apart from the first couple of entries back in 2001, at no time did the amount of the overdraft catch up with the cumulative bank charges. So, the bank kept her in the red, and battling to keep her head above water, to the detriment of her business and her health. And they do sleep at night! S
  13. So can I assume that if the claim is kept between £5,000 and £15,000, without splitting, liabilities will be kept to a minimum, and the claim could still possibly be dealt with in Small Claims? S
  14. Thank you GaryH and PhantomReclaimer. You have put my mind at ease and I shall carry on adding up the next 3 years. Hopefully the bank will receive the initial claim in the Christmas week. That should cheer them up! I'll put the final amount of the claim on here when I've totalled up. Thanks
  15. I contacted the forum about a month ago to say that I was helping a friend to claim back the bank charges over the last 6 years that have effectively forced her to close her small shop. We received the first lot of statements from one of the banks last week (I won't say which one until I know more about her chances in this case). So far I have worked out the charges for 01,02 and 03, and it stands at just over £8,000, so it's fair to say that the final figure is going to be over £10,000. At no time in this period was she more than £3,000 overdrawn, sometimes agreed, sometimes not. It was as if the bank waited for the slack periods then pulled away the overdraft facility (it's a seasonal business and the high periods more than make up for the low). Now that the total is going to be above the Small Claims threshold how do we go about chasing them for the money. We don't want to let them get away with all of this money by settling for less that £5,000 because getting this back could help the business back on it's feet, and pay off some of the outstanding debts that have accrued. Any advice about this will be greatly appreciated.
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