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  1. Hello, first of all apologies if this is the wrong forum, if it is someone point me to the right one :0 I took out a loan with Retail finance for £8000 in 2005 with all the interest and insurance the total came to about £11000. This amounted to a payment of £188.57 per month. Unfortunately I lost my job in late 2005 and fell behind payments by 4 months which led to a default notice on my credit file even though I brought the account up to date by the 5th month. The following is a rough breakdown of the extra fees levied to the account during this period. 12/12/05 Letter Fee £25.00 23/12/05 Arrears Charge £25.00 28/12/05 Add Interest £0.38 12/01/06 Add Interest £0.56 27/01/06 Add Interest £0.60 13/02/06 Add Interest £0.94 13/02/06 Letter Fee £15.00 28/02/06 Add Interest £0.90 06/03/06 Letter Fee £50.00 after this period GE Money applied a default notice just before I started to pay them back. There are other times in which they have applied excessive charges for a letter or Arrears Charge: 27/06/06 Arrears Charge £25.00 17/07/06 Letter Fee £25.00 12/09/06 Letter Fee £15.00 My question is are any of the fees legal? If not could I argue that levying those fees against me stopped me from paying money back to GE Money before the Default notice was applied and therefore could i get them to remove it. any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Got the defence from Citi...which included a reference to a cheque they had sent me in full and final settlement of the claim if charges are to be levied at £12. Was a bit puzzled as had no cheque. Few days later cheque turns up with letter stating full and final settlement of claim, not sure how to procede? should I wait for the AQ?
  3. Recieved reply from my Prelim letter. Natwest have offered to settle the amount but without contractual interest. Do i send off a LBA telling them i accept the offer in partial etc and that they have 14 days etc... or do I wait for the 14 day deadline from the Prelim letter? They have included a letter for me to sign saying I accept this amount offered in full...obviously i will ignore this...I'm just having trouble with the legalise with regards to wording a LBA that also says I accept their offer in partial..etc. Anyone know a useful link?
  4. If it comes to convincing a judge then I will make sure that I read as much info on CI as I can until then I'm putting off the legal/accountancy work. I'm always up for the easiest way.....
  5. LBA sent off today, I hope the contractual interest is not dimissesd out of hand as I believe it to be a fair refund considering the monies they have made off the interest of charges on me.
  6. apologies...hope its edited enough
  7. Hi Brad I just used the contractual spreadsheets found in Vampiress Google Spreadsheet Chambers
  8. Looks like I got a standard reply from citicards regarding my prelim letter...fast response considering they recieved it on monday...anyway it goes on how they have won every court case and that they are sticking to the recommended rate set by OFT...which is crap as the OFT did not set any rate but only gave a ceiling figure of £12 which needed to be justified. Anyway I suppose I will send them the LBA letter now. Just one point...if any further charges have have been applied by the financial institution since the prelim letter can they be included in the claim too?
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