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  1. T4FF thanks for your advice, appreciate the link also. As soon as I'm happy with my interest calculations I'll be sending off my initial request and update this thread. Again, appreciate your help. Cheers
  2. Can anybody help with this please?
  3. It's been a while since I was last on but since then I've been able to find my bank statements and intend reclaiming soon. At the moment I'm going through calaculating the interest on about £400 worth of charges between 2001 and 2003 when I closed the bank account. What I'm hoping someone can confirm is if I can claim the interest at their overdraft rate (approx 30% APR) on the charges since the account was closed in 2003? I know that I can for the period the account was open as they charged me at this rate, however since then am I still entiteld to this interest rate? Appr
  4. This is half statement, half question. I've noticed that a lot of people have stated that the unlawful charges they have been reimbursed with have been credited to their account. Hopefully I will be joining the many that have been successful in doing so very shortly. What strikes me though, is that the following may have happened to some of you guys... Say I owe ABC bank £1,000 and claim, successfully, £500 back in unlawful charges, which ABC bank reimburse by crediting my account I should then have a balance of £0.00. This is based on a £500 balance after the £500 worth of
  5. Hello again Royco, Hope you'll forgive me for posting another message. I think you've hit the nail on the head regarding RBS trying to confuse you, and a massive number of other people, with legal jargon. One thing you could do is simply respond to part a of their request as 'Yes' and to part b 'Because I believe these penalties to be unlawful based on the recent ruling by the OFT'. You might want to start the second reponse with a word other than 'Because' - I can hear my English teacher right now tutting at the use of the word;) and in relation to the OFT ruling be a bit more
  6. In relation to each charge, please clarify the following; a) Is it the case the claimant should not have been charged? b)If yes; please explain why the claimant contends that the same should not have been charged? c)If no; is it the case of the claimant that the same should not have been charged in this amount? d)If yes; please explain why the claimant contends that the same should not have been charged in this amount and identify the sum the claimant contends should have been charged. e)If no; please state the claimants case. This is my thoughts on each of these points - I expe
  7. Hi Royco, I'm pretty new to this so not going to take on the bulk of this. If you pop 'cpr part 18' in to google you can select the following link which explains what this part of their letter relates to. www.dca.gov.uk/civil/procrules_fin/contents/practice_directions/pd_part18.htm If you select this link and scroll down, section 1 relates to the rules RBS must have followed in constructing their response. Part 2 states the rules which you must follow in responding to them. It's not very interesting reading but I think by trying to confuse you RBS have actually given you
  8. Hello to all of you and thanks for all the great info held on this thread! As you may see from my number of posts – I’ve just lost my CAG virginity having spent several hours reading through this thread and a couple of others, after a point in the right direction from one of my colleagues at work. It would seem like everyone else, I was lured in to the (un)welcome trap due to a combination of circumstances that I have come to regret over the past two years. I’m currently dealing with the Citizens Advice Bureau to try and reduce my monthly outgoings whilst still paying back
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