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  1. I accidently went over my overdraft by £5, which was rectified as soon as I found out, but I received a letter from Barclays stating that I was going to be charged £30 for this. Whas makes me so angry is i currently have a claim stayed in Dartofrd court for the amount of £2,700, which they had already agreed to pay by email but not formally in letter before our court date which apparently didn't count. How come I can't get this back and my claim is stayed, but they are still allowed to charge their outrageous charges.
  2. Hi all We had our case stayed back in July, but the Judge said that this would be until October when the OFT case would be settled, which we all know hasn't happened. Can anyone advise if I should now apply to have this lifted and if so, what are my chances in getting this done? Thanks Denise
  3. I've noticed that my overdraft has been cut down since my claim and the takeover completely from a Woolwich 'openplan' customer. We used to have the facility of £1,200. Now Barclays have it down to £800. No letter advising it or anything, just cut it.
  4. I saw on teletext last night that Lloyds have dropped their charges to £20, and this morning it has been put up that they will only charge a maximum of 3 per month. This gives a real lift as it would seem that they are preparing to lose their Court Case, but anyone think that Barclays will follow suit? Also, if so, can I have my stay lifted and get at least £15 plus interest until the case is heard?
  5. I've received a judgement through the post last week, stating that the case has been stayed indefinately, now reading the book, Small Claims Procedure, it states that an indefinate stay cannot be put on a claim. Can anyone advise what to do next.
  6. We were at Dartford County Court - there were about 12 cases against Barclays. On person against the Abbey received their settlement letter yesterday, which is really odd, if the banks aren't dealing with claims any longer.
  7. Just to let you all know that if you are still waiting for your Court appearance, be it a Prelim hearing or a final hearing, you can expect Barclays to now request an indefinate stay, which the District Judges are granting. Part 5 of their skeleton Argument states:- The Defendant is aware that the Deputy Head of Civil Justice, Lorder Justice Moore-Black, ha written to Designatred Civil Judges on the issue of how to manage live Bank Charges cases. It is understood that he considered that in most cases it would be appropriate to stay proceedings pending a decision in the OFT action.
  8. My Court date is Tuesday 31st - I'm going to appear, even if Barclays don't turn up. I have an email saying that they were settling, followed funnily enough by a telephone call holding it off until a final court date as Tuesday is a prelim hearing. After todays news - am I surprised - err NO. But I'm still going
  9. Hi welshcakes I've got the emailed settlement letter for the first claim, the email from Emma Thompson saying that she would be sending me a settlement letter for the second claim and asking if I had a fx number she could send it to to save time, only to have her call me half an hour later to say that as it was only a prelim hearing they would be attending, she stated in her call, that they would be settling only when we had a final date hearing.
  10. No idea, i'm now really nervous. I'd love to know what to say or do on Tuesday
  11. No idea destiny, although I have now called the Court and spoke to a very nice, helpful man there. His advice for a prelim hearing is as follows:- It is basically a hearing for the judge to decide what way to deal with the case, ie if there is a case to hear, if it is fast track etc. I have explained everything to him re Barclays and his advice was to voice my concerns to the judge as to the fact that they have settled one and not the other. Let him know that they have advised that they will be settling only when a full court hearing date has been decided and to voice concerns as t
  12. Evil with a huge E Snap destiny - mine is on 31st July. This is odd tho, as they have settled the first claim I had even tho it was a directions hearing. Emma Thompson called me today to say that they will settle only when they have a final court date. Should I have received anything from them regarding this hearing. I've sent a copy of my court pack to both the court and barclays, but haven't received anything back. Should they have sent me
  13. I need your help urgently - Barclays have settled my first claim, against a hearing on 31st July and my 2nd is to be heard on the same date. I have now had a telephone call from Emma Thompson saying that this is only a preliminary hearing and as such will not be settling until a final date is heard. I explained to her that they had settled the first claim which was a prelim hearing, but she replied saying that she has instructed council to attend this one. Can you now advise me on what to do on and say on the day. I have already sent my Court pack in, but not received theirs, what
  14. Just to update you all, Krysta Campbell is now out of the office until 14th August, according to her out of office reply. Apparently Emma Thompson is the person to contact [email protected]
  15. I'm currently haviing this trouble with Krysta who is dealing with my second claim. I found that Kate was very good in comparison. I have sent my Court bundle to them, but not had theirs, I have a solitary email from Krysta in reply to one that I sent in June saying that I woud be on holiday, saying that she would be looking at the claim and intended to settle and to contact her on my return, which I did, since then I have had no reply to mails or voicemessages that I have sent or left her. This morning I called every number on the litigation team until someone answered and informed m
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