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  1. Just received my Order from the Court after returning my AQ .... it has been ordered that the case be transferred to the London Mercantile Court, anyone know why this has been done, or what it means with respect to my case? Good? Bad? HELP! I'm beginning to feel a bit worried and loosing faith in myself that I CAN see this through! Cheers, SB x x PS. Filled out AQ as peradvice in templates library, attached the draft order and explained it had been devised by Mercantile Court for similar cases.
  2. Was just wondering if anyone else has barclays calling them at home? They called me at 8am yesterday morning - woke me up as I had been up with my baby in the night as he is unwell. Not impressed!! Are they allowed to call you at this time of day? I know it isn't really early but anything before 9am is a bit out in my book. They called back at 4pm (about my overdraft) and when I mentioned my claim against them he got all flustered and hung up LOL! TIA. SB x
  3. Received all my account details through the post this morning and they returned my cheque as the service is free of charge. Pretty much what I expected after reading the other threads about Barclays. Have done a quick tot up and looks like it comes to around £1140. Will go through it properly when the kids are in bed tonight and get my letter ready to send off to them. Am expecting the usual offer of £1000, which if I get I think I will accept. If I pursue it further I will have to pay out £100 to start proceedings which I don't really have at the moment and cant be bothered with all the hassle that comes with Court Proceedings for the sake of £140. So watch this space ... how lovely it would be to be able to clear my overdraft with Barclay's money SB x x x
  4. I sent my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) off to Barclays recorded delivery yesterday with my £10 (did consider using a Barclays cheque but due to my account being very overdrawn thought that would be a bit cheeky ). So am now sitting tight awaiting the info so I can compile my case. BRING IT ON !!!!!!!! Keep the faith. SB x x x
  5. Hello, I have just found out about reclaiming bank charges tody and have already printed off my letter to Barclays. I am currently £130 over my agreed overdraft limit but have agreed a repayment plan with them at £25 a week. I have also set up a new current account with Nationwide so that my wages from my new job do not get swallowed up by my overdraft. Was just wondering, if I write to reclaim charges will they insist that I clear the whole of my overdraft as I really can't afford to do this. Cheers, SB
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