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  1. Thanks I havnt heard of MCOL I will do that now, I gave seller negative feedback & did mention no refund received.
  2. I bought an item on eBay which I found to be not as described I contacted the seller to tell him so, he told me to return it and I did so luckily with a signed for option with tracking which I checked on website to check it was signed for and it was. With no refund forthcoming I reported this to eBay I had done this once before and everything was taken care of with no further intervention from me. I must admit I did not read the terms and conditions properly and 30 days elapsed eBay emailed me to tell me the case was closed I thought this meant I would get my refund ( naive or what?) I found
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Stigman I too have a BT8500 best thing ever, not one unwanted call since and its cheeaper than a truecall , I bought a twin handset for less than £50, I wish I had bought a quad set.
  4. I had call from Debt Deliverance today who claimed they could reduce my monthly credit card payments from £150 to £80 per month . Has anyone heard of them or had dealings with them, they seem to be linked to .moneysolversonline.co.uk and robertsonandkirk.co.uk. solicitors I have searched both these names but the links lead nowhere, can anybody help please? I would be most grateful.
  5. Dazaal


    . By the way, Alliance & Leicester have announced on the radio today that they will settle any claim that is made [/size] Do you have any further details on this- seems strange to announce this but still carry on with all their bullsh*t.
  6. Just read your "what next"- cheered me up reading the replies so I won't worry nor should you. To be honest I have had similar experiences before (not banks) & just waited them out & they just gave up.I read somewhere that most companies don't bother with credit reference agencies but can't be sure, I've just got to the point where I don't care any more. Banks & other companies treat us like cattle so s*d the lot of them. It's great that this & sites like it exist so we can fight back; now if only there was one for government stupidity (or is there?)
  7. Cheers, surely someone has won a claim from A&L so they must realise that we mean business. I am right aren't I somebody has got their money back?
  8. Thanks again, I have already sent the prelim letter but with this addition:- "I calculate that you have charged us £264.60 This includes the sum that you are trying to claim from us. I have tried to explain to you on the telephone that these charges are unlawful but have drawn a blank. In addition when I took out this account with a deposit of £10,123.74 on 30th October 2004, I was told that you paid interest on all this amount (i.e. a verbal contract) yet my first interest payment on 11th December was £3.74. I also deposited £26,843.57 on 14 December which amassed the huge interest p
  9. Thanks for your reply janquinny just to be sure do you mean pay it off first then claim it back?
  10. Alliance & Leicester are trying to charge me £226 for being 17 days late paying off my account when trying to close it, I also underpaid by 1 penny.These charges are made up of £25 at a time, Believing these charges to be unlawful because of the campaign on Martin's & this site,I refused to pay them & told them so by phone & letter early on in the proceedings. I sent them a modified letter from the template supplied,to no avail. My question is where do I stand legally as I haven't actually paid the charges yet so I can't claim them back. They are now threatening to notify a cre
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