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  1. UPDATE : 11th April 2007 - LBA deadline was today. I've just had a letter in the post offering me just over £1500 as full and final settlement. I had asked for just over £2000. What to do now !?
  2. Well done !! I've sent my LBA today and will call them just before the 14 days are up !!
  3. UPDATE : 26th March 2007 - LBA sent at lunchtime today. Proof of postage obtained......Deadline for them to give me my money....ooh shall we say 11th April ?? :grin:
  4. UPDATE : 22nd March 2007 - Standard letter received...."blah blah thanks for your complaint, we have 8 weeks to do anything, blah blah blah" Prelim letter deadline is tomorrow, so I shall get the LBA ready today to post first thing tomorrow.....
  5. Well done teach !! From the threads I've been looking at it seems like a phone call does the trick just before you're due to file your MCOL !! I shall certainly try that tactic !!
  6. UPDATE : 8th March 2007 - Prelim Letter posted and proof of postage obtained. Asking for total of £2,034 from my 2 accounts. Here we go !!
  7. Crikey !! Best of luck Deb, my letter is going out tomorrow so I'll keep an eye on your thread and see how we both get on !! Pompey taking it to the Halifax !!
  8. Ah cushty I think I'll do that then and save myself a quid !! Cheers yet again mate.
  9. Cheers Brad, thanks for the prompt reply !! Letter going in an envelope in 2 minutes and will send by registered post first thing tomorrow !! :grin:
  10. Hello Debbie, I will be sending my first letter asking for 2 grand out tomorrow, and will keep you all updated how I get on !! Best of luck to you.
  11. OK I popped into my local branch the other day and requested statements going back 6 years for 2 accounts I have. They only charged me a fiver for each account, which is half of what I was expecting !! Totalled up the charges and they come to £1,128 and £906 !! I have my initial claim letter ready to go, but can I just put one letter to cover 2 accounts or should I send seperately ?
  12. Hi everyone, Just been reading a few of the threads, read the FAQs, downloaded the templates and spreadsheets. I am about to start a claim against 2 bank accounts with the Halifax. :o Bricking it a bit to be honest, but the stories I've read have given me the confidence to give it a go......I'll start a thread in the relevant place and keep everyone informed as to my progress. Daz
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