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  1. Witness Intimidation is a Criminal Offence http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/s_to_u/sentencing_manual/witness_intimidation/ There could also be the potential for Harrassment under the Protection From Harrassment Act http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1997/40/contents if you think these people are bordering on this then I advise that you inform the Police and let them decide what the best course of action is. They seem to be turning on you because you have put there livelihood in danger and you are the 'threat' and they are doing what comes naturally... bullying. This is not a christi
  2. Set up companies in your name, what so you can take any hit on whatever [problem] he has in mind???? Have you checked HIM out eg at Companies House http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/a19433d36800c68138da0ce52d35fd90/wcframe?name=accessCompanyInfo You may need to pay a fee to CH to get the info.
  3. This story seem very familiar to one I read somewhere in the past, have you posted this before under another tag?
  4. Hi welcome. 1. I doubt it as you have been dismissed. 2. Again I doubt it. You should ask for clarification from the company, do it in writing. You might want to post why it was you were dismissed and the story around it. Sometimes gross misconduct is not actually gross. It also maybe that they have not kept to fair processes. although if you have contributed to your problems that might not be of much use, legally speaking. The devil is in the detail of the story.
  5. There is nothing stopping you phoning the insurer up asking for verbal advice from time to time !! I did this once and they were quite happy to talk me over and through the problems.
  6. Consider putting in a Discrimination questionnaire http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/advice-and-guidance/information-for-advisers/taking-discrimination-cases/ Google Sex discrimination questionnaire and it will pop up to the top. I would consider putting in a grievance immediately alleging sex discrimination. Ask for the decision to be rescinded immediately but keep the grievance active because issue such as this need to be handled by senior management. There should be a fait criteria for selection which is one of the discriminatory issue, this should be redone and be seen to be done
  7. Normally positions are made redundant, do you suspect any other reason for your redundancy?????
  8. I hope you have submitted the sick certificates to the DWP. An employer should forward them but often this does not happen. If I were you I would write to the DWP local office or phone them up and ask for advice. I expect they will say forward a copy of the sick notes. Also you should be considering applying for DLA both the care and the mobility component. Then if he gets it you may also be able to apply for Carers Allowance. I would also phone the Benefits Enquiry Line http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/dl1/directories/dg_10011165 and explain you circumstances and see what other help is ava
  9. So are you saying that you were made redundant but that another person was made a supervisor and given your job. Forgive me but you are not explaining it very clearly \
  10. Was there a consultation process and fair selection procedure? I can't see that the employer is responsible for your depression, you must see you GP. You must also apply for ESA whilst seeking new employment. You have paid into the system all those years there is no dishonour in applying for the support you are entitled to, far from it that is why the system of benefits are in place.
  11. Hi Raj welcome to the forum. You will need to expand somewhat as to what you think the problem is. Your post is very brief and i am not surprised you have not had any replies yet. Please can you tell us why you were laid off. The circumstances may help us, please include your length of service and any other factual matter you know about. Is the fact you are depressed related to the laying off? If it is is there any inclination of discrimination? Again knowing more will help us to understand. Depression can come in many forms, being laid off will no doubt not make you ha
  12. Lily....... you have to tell the DWP that you have an Industrial Injury. Mental illness / stress cases are quite difficult to prove as Industrial Injuries because they are classed as an 'incremental' desease that has creeped up over time. They like SPECIFIC incidents where you can identify where and why you became ill. There can be a 'few' incidents as long as they are identifiable but it is better to identify one event that tipped you into illness. Next the pay issue, make sure you claim ESA because if you are on half pay then there may be an ability to increase your money. Also c
  13. Lindy ... expect a knock back on the DP issue. They will know that if they don't comply and you complain to the ICO then the worst they will get is a wrap on the knuckles. The ICO will take an age to reply to you expect that to go on for a year !! That was happened to us. You end up working for nowt. The ICO are useless.
  14. Yes that may be the case....... but that does not stop you stating that you feel that it should be settled 'in totality' as it is a cathartic process for you to have these things dealt with together. delay delay and delay in my opinion because they want shot of it and you want shot of it ALL. Keep to your agenda not theirs.
  15. Tell them that you are not interested in settling this matter at this stage. You would only consider remedies as and when they want to settle all matters. Explain that their actions never have indicated a desire to settle the allegations you have made and that as far as you are concerned the ET is the correct place for all matters to be heard and judged upon. The point is that they are sounding you out on how they can cheaply settle matters. Will you jump at it or not, are you desperate or not... it is a game. Don't play their game play yours. The way I read this is that they wa
  16. Sounds like they are delaying so you cannot take them to the ET. Classic Union dirty tricks.
  17. It seems to me that if this is a separate issue that you are back into making a grievance about it and if the grievance is lost to go to the ET. Of course if the issue is what is reasonable or not reasonable the ET is the only place to decide on it so either way you are set for the ET, so remember the time limits that apply.
  18. Can you please update us on where the Grievance is? I have skimmed the thread and to be honest I don't know if you have actually put in your grievance and if you have what your grievance stated. Additionally, the points that you quote above are these in reply to points made in that grievance? I think you need to make these things very clear.
  19. Of course collusion in a discriminatory matter is also a discrimination http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/section/57 if you are going down the grievance route and not getting Union support you may want to put a grievance in about the union too. We went this route. It got messy with 2 ET cases running at the same time. We concentrated on the employer case as it was important to get that case to conclusion before we could even start on the union case. The ET agreed to adjourn the union case until the employer case was settled ie a very very long adjournment. I agree
  20. Well done. It's always nice to hear of successful outcomes. Hope you are still sober !!!!!
  21. I'd say trust your instinct. You grievance was quite complete, you seem to have a grasp of it all
  22. Sounds like they are discriminating against her too. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/section/57 She should be complaining up the chain of the union command and put THEM on notice that you believe she is being discriminated against and their lack of action amounts to collusion. They are probably waiting for you to start proceedings and say they can't get involved because you have started proceedings. Normal union cop out. You need to see if you have legal cover... normally on home contents insurance.
  23. madari is right. The discrimination questionnaire is helpful. In my experience they merely deny the questions that hurt or ignore the entire document. But at least the document poses the questions that you , and the ET judge, will want answering and if the fail to answer them the judge can ask why.
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