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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply your support is really welcomed I was off work today and spring cleaning my bedroom was hoovering and found a fag under my chest of drawers I held that sucker in my fingers for about 10 mins ........ then had a mind battle about wether to smoke it or not but after 10 mins snapped it in half and threw it in the bin Its really tough but I dont want to smoke anymore plus the fact I have my 1st grandson to think off he is due the 9th of Feb and I want to see him grow up sorry to go on........................ I will keep you posted sam xxx
  2. My god DMD what a man you are and what a brill post you wrote last year I have just read it and I have just posted a new thread on stop smoking Iam going to make you my inspiration for stopping well its been 2 weeks today thank you and take care sam xxx
  3. Hi all I am all cagger but have always come on here for onter advice I never knew there was a smoking blog well its been 2 weeks 2day since i had a fag first week cold turkey.......... then 2nd week went to a stop smoking service at the hosp where I work I'm on the patches and what a godsend............. I must admit it is the hardest thing I have ever had to do but Iam getting there I will post evry day if I can and let you all know how I am doing thats if you don't mind
  4. manf


    I have sent you a pm 42man
  5. manf


    Thanks 42 man for replying Iam really gratefull I dont want to sound thick but can you please tell me what number of the template letters i have to send please and how i get this problem set aside ? Im really sorry but its been so long since i've been on here I need a bit of help but I KNOW I can always turn to this fantastic site if I need help Sam
  6. manf


    thank you so so much evry1 I'm at work reading this better go case get told off lmao would it be alright if someone can post a link for me please so I know what letters I have to send Capquest please I have already sent them a stat barred letter a couple of months ago I'm sorry for repeating myself I'm just worried I will log on again when I gey home from work cheers Sam
  7. manf


    Thanks guys guess what like a plum I have just rang Capquest because I'm so worried and he said its not statued barred because when I sent a letter to Ruthbridge I paid a pound off the balance............... also I told him I don't acknowledge the debt and he said its 2 seperate issures here. please help guys I'm really worried now he told me to write them a letter giving them as much info as possible and they will investigate the problem I asked him how long it would take and he said he dosen't know as far as Iam concerned this debt was paid off but I have't any proof because it was from 1996............. thanks guys Sam
  8. Hi all its a long time since i,ve been on here............ well to cut a long story short i had a debt with Littlewoods back in 1996 and i paid it off. Then about 4 years ago Ruthbridge contacted me and said i owed them over 2 and half grand.I went down the normal route of cca,s etc. In the end they gave up and now they have sold it to Capquest. who have benn trying to get that money out of me for the last year and a half. I sent them the normal letter of not acknowledging the debt didn't hear from them for months. Last night I recieved a letter with a stat demand and they said if I don't reply by 18 days the with file for bankruptcy Iam really worried now please can some one give me some advice on what to do know please many thanks
  9. so odc what letter do I need to send now then the one above ????????????
  10. Morning all I wonder if someone can help me I had another letter from Capquest saying that they havent heard from me i sent off a bemused letter to them and know I have until the 18th feb to ring them blah blah then they are going to pass this over to a solicitor and start legal proceddings which will include e debt collector coming to the house I am now getting really worried please help me thanks
  11. Morning all Just to let you know I have just sent the bemused letter off tp Capquest and kept a copy so now its a wait and see game once again thanks for all your help;)
  12. I will do tomorrow 42man thank you wish me luck I have to plug my printer in ha ha all of you guys are brill thank you so much;)
  13. yeah I did but all they done was kept ringing for a little while then sent me a letter saying I had to go to court then it went dead quiet but now it has resurfaced but with Capquest SO wot to do then hun shall I just send them that letter!!!!!!!!!! thanks for all your advice hun do i just send it by recorded delivery???????
  14. thanks 42Man Ive just read the letter again and they say they have sold the debt to Capquest so shall I still send them the letter you posted to me?????? thanks hun
  15. Hi guys I haven,t been on here since last year..... re my littlewoods account of 8 years ago. I had a battle with Ruthbridge they stopped contacting me now on Saturday I had a lovely letter from Capquest saying I owe them 2 and a half grand I have forgotton what to do now please can someone give me advice please Oh yeah I hope some old faces are still on here if they are Hi guys..... and its so good to be back
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