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  1. i recieved an offer yesterday of £260 im obviously not accepting because they owe £1821, could someone let me know what i need to put in a refusal letter ? i dont want to give them any ammunition to fire back at me
  2. yes i already have another account with abbey i have read alot of imformation on this site its been extremely helpful hopefully im ready for whatever they throw at me
  3. so my lba has been sent off and i have now registered myself at the moneybackclaim site so i will be ready to go when halifax dont take any notice of the lba. as you can see i have lost all faith in the halifax and am preparing myself to do battle im also one of these people that are extremely grateful to this site and its members, for if it wasn't for it and them i would not have done anything to try and recuperate MY money
  4. thanks for the info i have now sent the lba and have started my next 14 wait
  5. hi to all this is my first thread after reading lots of other peoples threads i decided that maybe i should try for myself so isent the first letter out the dpa for bank statements ,i was sent a standard reply saying that they are not obligated to keep records of any manual handling activities a few days later they sent me my statements worked out that they have charged me £1665 (and rising). so now i have sent the next letter giving them 14 days to reply ,they sent me a reply yesterday (13 days ). dear sir thank you for your letter of 21st june 2006 regarding the charges applied
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