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  1. Received a letter from Siemens today saying that they will give me £20 for the first 2 missed appointments but will NOT compensate me for the 3rd one because the engineer correctly described my green door!!! There must be something I can do about this, I can't believe I give these people my hard-earned cash -- SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  2. thanks for the reply chesham. whaddyaknow, i wasted yet another day for a gas engineer who didn't turn up. well, apparently he did but left straight away because the parking spots directly around me are designated residents parking. i had a permit available for him but as he didn't bother letting me know of his arrival i was not able to give it to him. for the record this was a "monitored" appointment and my mobile number was available to him. he clearly chose not to use it. grrrrr!!!! i'm now onto my 5th appt (this saturday supposedly -- fingers crossed). is that a record? i'
  3. hi all, i'm looking forward to spending another day today in a cold empty flat in the blind faith that a british gas/siemens engineer will actually turn up to do his job -- namely performing a gas check and changing my meter to a pre-payment one. this will be my 4th appt in as many weeks. the first two were missed because the man went to the wrong address (he described a property with an intercom and a mahogany door, both of which i do not have). said that as he could not gain access he left a card. by the 3rd appt he described the correct property but must have turned up, l
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