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  1. Having done some research here is my reply. I note from your comments that you state all signage is compliant with The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002, this is clearly not the case. Part 1, Section 1, Item 4 - Interpretation - general states that a "controlled parking zone" means either - (a) an area - (i) in which, except where parking places have been provided, every road has been marked with one or more of the road markings shown in diagrams 1017, 1018.1, 1019 and 1020.1; and (ii) into which each entrance for vehicular traffic has been indicated by
  2. Hello everyone... My Son parked his car at the beginning of March in Glasgow and didn't know he had parked in a parking space, as the road he parked on had no lines visible, they were worn away (we have photos). He didn't see the sign saying voucher scheme.. typical. Anyway, I wrote and said the ticket was invalid as it didn't show time first seen.. as it doesn't. I also said... "I believe that since the signage relating to parking on this stretch of road does not conform to the requirements of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002, then this PCN
  3. I took them to court through summary cause... scottish law and they've settled... full amount plus interest and epxenses paid into my account yesterday and letter arrived this morning saying they have lodged their wish to defend and admit no liability. Who cares... they paid... I won.. Yeeeesssss. Next, Claim no 2....
  4. Update for those interested... Technically the vehicle was being loaded/unloaded. However, you have a 5 minute window to be seen loading the vehicle otherwise a ticket will be issued. There is no limit to how long the vehicle can be loaded for, but you must be seen to be loading the vehicle. If this happens to you and you see the cash machine, I mean warden, ask them to note you are loading in their book.
  5. Question for you all... I parked a hire car overnight in Slough outside a travel lodge. Parking was single yellow with restricted hours 8am-6pm. I had breakfast and checked out the hotel at 7:55am. went to the room, collected my bags and went to load them into the car. The lift was broken so had to walk up and down. I go to the car at about 8:15am put in two laptop bags and go to get my case, I arrive at the vehicle at about 8:25am and there was a ticket on it and the parking attendant was taking a picture of the car. I have sent a letter to central parking systems saying
  6. Hello everyone... I joined the forum back in March and after reading many many posts and the FAQ section... (all my questions were answered and some I didn't think of... anyone reading this... go there first!!) ...I decided in August to begin. I have a note of my bank charges going back to Feb 2005 (I use a money management programme from a large software vendor - you figure out who). The total amount of charges is ~£1,500. So armed with the letters from the library, I sent the Halifax the preliminary letter on the 31st August. Here is what happened: 2nd Sept - Reply lett
  7. Hello Everyone... Just thought I would say hello and thank you to all involved, I am about to start a claim after no satisfaction from asking for my money back... I will put my Story in the Halifax section... I have kept a diary so you can follow the events. Thanks...
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