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  1. I can we be clear by who you mean by 'them' The Clerk of the court shown on the summons or FFC prosecutions department it originated from? A summons suggests the matter as already in the judiciary process and my attendance in court will be required 'unless' pleading guilty - which I am not.
  2. Following a travel irregularity committed earlier this year, I received a letter from FFC stating an intent to prosecute. I formally replied admitting the stated offence and offering to pay reasonable costs as an alternative to court action. FFC replied in writing offering the opportunity to pay a small penalty fare outside of court action. This was I paid over phone and payment taken from my card. I subsequently received a letter from FFC stating the matter as closed. A day later I received a formal court summons for the same offence shown in the 'statement of facts' with a date set for later this month. It seems a violation of the out of court agreement and I may undertake further legal action against FFC regarding this however I am unsure as to how this effects my plea regarding the original charge having already admitted guilt in previous correspondence. I do not want to plead guilty as the criminal record would likely affect my employment status and the charges in addition to the penalty already paid are excessive. This issue follows on from a post I made in June regarding the original offence. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?395434-notice-of-intent-to-prosecute-FFC
  3. Just wanted to update on what happened in this case. Following the advice given on this site, I sent the FFC an attritional letter. Once I got through to them on the phone an offer to settle the matter without further court action through payment of a small fine was made. I agreed to this obviously and they took payment from my card. Today I received a court summons regarding the original offence. I am a little shocked.. it seems completely unfair and hopefully just a clerical error but I am not sure where I stand in the eyes of the court. Yes the FFC have broken our out of court agreement but does this effect my plea with regards to the original offence for which I must now go to court...
  4. Finding hard to get through on the number they've provided. Keep getting an answer phone and have left a message. Any alternative number I can try?
  5. I sent an apology letter to FFC and they have responding asking me to call them It appears a possibly positive chance to give my version of events, but im not exactly sure what further information they might require that was not found in the letter and admission of wrong doing. Wondering if you had any further advice or tips on how best to conduct this call?
  6. Avoiding criminal conviction is my main concern. I occasionally have to travel to the states for work and I believe they conduct some kind of criminal record check I have penned my 'grovel' letter - I would appreciate a second set of eyes to look at it and assess if it wording shows the required attrition. Happy to PM to anyone experienced in this area
  7. The details are simple. I make a one stop journey on FFC sometimes to get to work when not able to cycle it. Long weekend after the bank holiday late for work, forgot to touchin for that leg before taking the tube. No real justifiable excuse, unfortunately came across a police cordon and very officious RP officer. Tried to get it dealt with as quickly as possible by offering to pay a fine - I see this was a mistake now. Told a fine wasn't an option in this case and that the FFC would simply write to me. Really shocked to receive a letter threatening court action over a £2 ticket.
  8. Thankyou for the help dx100uk I am still considering what to write in the letter. My understanding is there are no excuses for failing to provide a valid ticket on request; so am suspicious of the opportunity to provide one. Is it worth stating that I intended to pay and did without request purchase a full valid ticket on the day I am nervous that anything I convey in this letter could later be used in court against me, especially as I admitting guilt.
  9. I did buy a ticket to travel on the day after being made aware of my error. Should I send this with my letter? Are there any situations upon which not presenting a ticket is seen as more valid eg: losing a ticket? Not much room on the page is given for the response - it feels to me as if they are just looking for a confession to make prosecution easier. But hopefully FFC are nicer than that. Typically how much of a fine?
  10. I have received a notice of intent to prosecute from FFC for the offense of 'Failing to hand over a rail ticket for inspection' The letter provides me with area to provide a 'response from passenger' - Tell us what happened from your point of view. Is there any reason to provide one as I am not disputing that I did not provide a ticket? Reason being I had thought I had touched in my Oystercard. Cost of the journey was a single stop so less than a couple of quid. Going to court seems excessive for a first offense. How best should I respond to the letter?
  11. heating breaks down in even the best of places.. houses in the country tend to have a bit of mould in them.
  12. I recently had to cancel a flight i had booked and after hearing about an EU ruling, i heard that Ryan air now has to refund me for any tax they charge as obviously if im not taking the flight they don't incur any tax. They wrote me back saying I could have the Tax i paid back "£120", but this incurred an administration charge of "£120". Clearly it doesn't cost them £120 in administration to pay me back tax they haven't paid in the first place. Does anyone know of anyone whose managed to get blood out this particular stone?
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