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  1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Soooo, if I send a revised schedule say for the interest with 29% (I will check this out, as I never used it for cash only purchases), can I amend the spreadsheet I have? and How??? Should I sent a revised LBA? And.... if it does go to MCOL should I just amend the amounts and put (or as an alternative I request the S.69) Thanks you once again
  2. Hi, I have already sent the copy with LBA and those charges applied on, just by putting in "interest applied" . They have replied with an offer way under what I am owed even without the interest. Could I send a revised copy stating that I am going to claim contractual rate and take off the interest applied bit, If so what would be the rate I used? Sorry if I sound a bit thick
  3. Hi, have received statements from capital one, and looks like I have plenty to claim for. On most statements I have "Interest Charged" . It doesnt give an interest rate just the amount ranging from 62p to £13.00 on others. Can I add these on to my template to be refunded or do I ignore them? Really need help on this one please:confused:
  4. hi, just received credit card statements from the Halifax this morning, but only upto August 2006. I called them up and they said after 2006 they were only charging the £12.00 pound charge and would not be refunding those charges. Is that correct or can I claim for those aswell. Also did you only ask for 8 % interest , as they have charged purchase interest and also cash advance interest and have shown the interest rate on the statements. Should I be asking for the 8% on top of those each month I know I sound a bit thick, however I already claimed through my bank account and got fu
  5. Hi, I havent been on for a while, but I thought I would update you, and let you all know my good news. Over Christmas I put in my moneyclaim online, after of course sending out the normal letters. Followed all advice on the website and copy and pasted the claim letters etc. Court claim emailed and accepted and being issued to bank on 2nd Jan. Halifax acknowledged on the 8th, so was given another 28 days to defend. Today I received a letter from the bank giving all my bank charges, interest and £250 court costs (over £5,000 to claim.) Should be in my bank within the next 7 to 10 days. STI
  6. 2nd December, received all the bank statements through the post, added up to ove £5,000 and didnt know whether to laugh or cry!! Redundancy situation over a year ago!!! Sent originals with highlighted bank charges, (took copies) by recorded post Monday 4th and now await response!!
  7. Ok, so I have phoned today just to check that they are definitely on the case of sending statements out. Told that they should be with me within the next couple of days. Will keep you updated, and thanks for answering, I think I need some moral support, but did chuckle when reading other messages - knowing others are as paranoid as me and that I will be the one they make an example out of!!
  8. Last week, had a day off work and GMTV a chap was giving details of claiming back bank charges. Found this site through website to get more details and yesterday i called Halifax head office to speak to someone about claiming back my bank charges for the past 6 years!! Lovely on the phone (definitely had that question before!!) they took my £10 and are sending out bank statements, told to highlight them and then gave me the address to send them to. Panicking slightly, this seems too easy and Ive never had much look with this type of issue. Is it really as simple as sending over the temp
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