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  1. I believe Mobile Media Systems Ltd are corrupt and warn anyone against using them.


    I recently finished a 12 month contract with cashback provided by "Mobile Media Systems Ltd". The deal was bought through "onestopphoneshop". As with many others I had my concerns about the "too good to be true" nature of the deal. 12 months free line rental by cashback and the terms and conditions, though complex, were hardly terribly difficult to follow.


    Everything was fine at first but sadly by the 4th instalment of 5 I trusted these guys and send my claim by regular post. Of course they insist on original copies of bills and so on and everything must be received within a one month window etc. I sent everything exactly the same as for instalment 1, 2, and 3, which were paid without problem.


    Bet you'll never guess - my 4th claim was "never received". What a surprise! Consequently this invalidated by claim for installment 4 and 5 (because once you have missed a claim, you are ineligible for later claims). Thus I am out of pocket to the tune of £192.


    It is possible that my claim was indeed lost in the post, but this seems highly unlikely to me. Take this as a warning about the company. My advice is that if you see a cashback advert check out whether "Mobile media systems Ltd" are involved and steer well clear.


    It is true that if you dont deal with Mobile Media Systems they wont be able to defraud you of money you are owed.

  2. Sorry for the dumb question but I cant find out how much I should charge in interest at stage 1? My charges were for flitting around my overdraft level but I dont know the interest rate I was being charged at teh time. I also only have a list of charges, not balances at the time.


    Should I just say sod it and reclaim with no charges, then go to 8% at court stage or is there a standard figure people recommend claiming at this stage?


    Reason I ask is that I gather Smile are repaying at stage 1 so dont want to miss out obviosuly.


    Have read the FAQs but still unclear about the interest levels.

  3. Hello everyone. Lots of interesting reading.


    I have just started on the road against Smile, who I have banked with for years. I got an acknowledgement of my first letter - asking for data protection info - on the 1st december so they have till 10th Jan to stump up the statements.


    This is my first attack and if all goes ok then I expect to have to take on Natwest, Capital One, Halifax, MBNA, Abbey, Goldfish, First Direct, Smile visa and Egg. It could be a long and repetitive old road! I can't do them all at once because if they close the accounts I will be screwed as I presently still owe about 42000 (slowly coming down). I have parachute facilities of about £5000 set up.


    All advice welcome - especially on how to deal with multiple claims. Will keep the thread updated with a response.


    In particular, I was wondering the effect of things like the Abbey card now being run by MBNA, should I treat them as separate organisations or the same? Does this have likely cross account impacts I should be wary of?

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