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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone's case has got as far as attending court and if so how do you present yourself? If I can do it by myself I will but if it proves to get very indepth then I may need a solicitor which I really don't want to!!! Your thought's would be much appreciated
  2. Hi, I owe my dad too! if I win then he will be pleased I need to look into the cpr requests that Cobbett request, I don't know anything about it yet! Thanks for your post
  3. Thanks, I will read through the threads and get myself up to speed!
  4. Thanks for the reply, I suppose it depends on who you get, just wanted to know if there's a trend in offices, whether one is more difficult than others??
  5. I am now at the stage where I have filed a claim to the County Court and they have informed Natwest. Since then, yesterday I had received a copy of 'Acknowledgment of Service' that Cobbetts acting on behalf of Natwest are intending to defend the whole claim. They have another 28 days to put up a defence from the 14th Feb. Is it just a formality or is this Natwest saying they are going to try their hardest to defend and stop me from receiving any money! I know other people have won and I will carry on, don't get me wrong as why should I not get £4,796 back when others have! I would like
  6. Thanks! I'm gonna need a lot of luck
  7. I will be sending my claim form with the schedule of charges but is it worth me also enclosing copies of the letters I had sent to the bank? :-|
  8. Iv'e just had a sudden thought, iv'e not long sent the LBA but with both letters I did not send them to the bank by recorded delivery. Do you think they can deny ever receiving both letters?!! Where do I stand on that front? I don't want to have to prolong it by another month! Iv'e already requested a small claims pack from my local court do I still carry on as usual? I have dated and signed copies of both letters...or would that not make any difference?
  9. I had sent a preliminary letter to Natwest asking for my money back, gave them 14 days on the letter to respond and as I guessed they have ignored it. I have sent the 2nd letter a couple of days ago telling them I will take it to court if they ignore me once again giving them another 14 days. It's still early days but they will no doubt ignore the 2nd letter so I need to start thinking about my next plan of action!! Do I need advice from a solicitor now? do I need one? how do I go about taking a bank to a small claims court!!! scary stuff but I am determined to get my £4970.00 money back!!!!
  10. I am a bit confused as to which address to send my premliminary letter to with regard to my bank charges with Natwest! Can anyone shed some light? Thanks
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