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  1. Hi all, I know that OFT ruled that bank charges were unlawful in the UK, but did it come from an EU directive? My other half seems to think it did, but I'm not sure so thought i'd check with the experts . As such, can bank charges in Ireland be claimed back? thanks, Belle
  2. can anyone advise on the above? ta, Belle
  3. Hi, no I was out of Portsmouth CC Belle x
  4. also, can I be moved into the LTSB Successes sub-forum? Belle
  5. Hi, I am about to fill out the survey, but at what stage did the bank settle (pre-submmission of aq)? there's no explanation to the numbers... Belle
  6. Hi, in the letter it says they are offering me £xxxx charges, plus £220 court fees. Do i come clean as i have only paid £120 court fees, or, do i leave it as they have since charged me? Belle - spending money in my head
  7. thank you for all your help Michael, it was much appreciated Belle
  8. Hi. having spent all day sorting out my aq, guess what was waiting for me when i got home? :D a 'without prejudice' letter offering full settlement!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi, I am about to print it out... one last question... do i write anything in the box in the top right hand corner (where it says 'in the......... county court'). They haven't written anything in there on the allocation questionnaire they sent me... thanks! Belle
  10. Thanks Barty you're a honey! now for the questions... 1. if i use the new strategy on N149, do i just include that draft order or do I also include the statement saying: "I am respectfully requesting that my claim be allocated to the small claims track. This issue is not a complicated one; it is an issue of fact and not of law. The issue etc... " 2. If i put both in there, can i attach the draft order to the back saying in section G 'please see attached draft order', or does it have to be part of the form? 3. this does just go to the court? or do i have to submit three copies as before? any help appreciated - I have until Friday to get it in... Belle
  11. Hi Giudo, sorry, i didn't make myself clear... it's the link in Michael Browne's post i need so i can complete the AQ online and print it out... thanks! Belle
  12. :) thank you for your help! Could someone re-post the link for the allocation questionnaire as the one previously posted didn't work. thanks! Belle
  13. Hi, I am back a work and seriously looking at this. I got all my charges from my internet banking, so don't have the statements hard copy. If i go down the New Strategy route, can i get away with submitting print-outs of my internet banking? or do i need to request the statements? Thanks, Belle
  14. Hi Barty, Thanks for this. Unfortunately i am looking at claiming about £2k from them, so I do need to pay . I wanted to type the forms out on the computer then print them so i can deliver them typed out rather than scrawled in my handwriting . thanks for the links, will have a look now... and yes, the site is *really* slow! maybe it's all the banks trying to work out what we're doing...! Belle
  15. Hi, I haven't checked in for a while, so i missed your post - thanks MJanet. Have just come out of hosp, so am slightly less worried (I had too much on my plate last week!), but I have just received their defence and the allocation questionnaire. I was expecting it! Can someone post the link to the online questionnaire so i can type it out and print it, and then do I send a copy to SC&M, as well as take it into court? Also, they mention another 100GBP fee (aargh!) can i claim this back off Lloyds as well?? Thanks for any advice (maybe i'll manage to get this soerted before the wedding!) Belle
  16. Hi Paula, Thanks for your kind words. It's very difficult to be positive - i keep getting my hopes up and then let down again!! Other things on my plate at the moment (my wedding!) so the money would come in really handy! I'm so scared it will go to court - knowing my luck, i will be the first one to go to court Belle (gulp)
  17. Hi, don't worry i'm sure you'll be fine! Good Luck! Belle
  18. OK, where's the emoticon for steam coming out of my ears??? :mad: LTSB filed the acknowledgement of service on the 18th December! GRRRRRR! they have until next Tuesday (9th Jan) to file a defence (which i have no doubt they will ). ah well, didn't think it could be this easy. Belle
  19. ok, the court should have got it yesterday, but they aren't answering today so i can't get an update :mad: will update when i manage to get through... Belle
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