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  1. Thanks for the info I will try email. Can I still email inga even though her name is not mentioned any where in any corraspondance from Abbey? Cheers
  2. hi to all I have been to court today against abbey,for charges my problem is. is it to late to now ask for wasted costs? as abbey have written to me 2 days ago saying they will settle in full. I only went to court as it was to late to write to the courts asking for them to hold fire as payment is supposidly going to be made. any help cheers
  3. Hi everyone just won my charges back from Abbey. I am due in court on 29th june (friday) but have recieved a letter today saying that Abbey are paying me in full, Charges, Interest and court fees (dont worryI will phone the courts and ask for an extention for cheque to be recieved and cleared). I was begining to get a bit nervous as I have not received any GWGO and Abbey actually sent the court a bundel as well. Thanks to everyone:)
  4. Hi, no clauses but will double check. It just says that they have done a full investigation and although they dont agree their charges are unfair they are offering a GWG which will be in the account within 10 days. If they dont hear from us within 8 weeks they will close the complaint. No mention of Full and Final settlement.
  5. Hi all Im hoping that someone could help me. I have been helping a friend with the process of reclaiming charges back. We sent letter for SAR on 08/03 and Abbey replied saying that they are looking into her complaint, so we wrote back saying that no complaint had been made as yet and that SAR was asked for and cheque had already been senton 08/03 with details of how long they had left (out of the 40 days). Their time to comply is up now so we have written non compliance letter. The problem we have is that Abbey have also written offering a GWG of £868, but as yet we have not asked for a refund, we have only written to them for SAR. I am not sure how to respond to GWG. All help is much appriciated.
  6. Hi thanks for the help Yes it is poole c c. They have done away with the AQ which threw me. I best get started on court bundle then. Thanks again.
  7. Hi there could someone please advise me what needs to be done to comply with my court order as i am a bit confused. This is the wording. General form of Judgement or Order It is ordered That 1)This case is to be listed for hearing on 29/06/07. 2)It will be listed with all other outstanding claims for refund of bank charges ect. 3)The parties shall file and serve witness statements with copies of all relevant documents annexed by 4pm on 15/06/07. 4)The judge will use his case management powers to decide in each case whether to make any agreed order, give directions for the further conduct of the case, or proceed there and then with the hearing. 5)It is likely that any case seriously contested will be given directions and a later hearing date. 6)It is probable that the judge will deal with cases in batches where there is more than one case against a particular defendant. 7)If a party fails to attend the judge may strike out the claim or defence as he sees fit and enter judgement accordingly. Thanks for any advice
  8. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help. I have recieved a 'General Form of Judgement or Order'. The hearing is on 29/06/07. My problem is should I have received a AQ yet? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. Hi there thanks for your advice. sorry if this is silly but do I sand request for SAR to the same address as I would for reclaiming bank charges? and what should I ask for in the letter for SAR? Thanks again for any help.
  10. Cheers, I will do SAR before sending any letters then.
  11. Hi there I hope someone can help me. I have drafted a letter (with some help from this site) RE reclaiming a miss-sold/Miss-leading PPI for a loan I took out with Barclays. I have all the documents from the bank eg loan papers, demands and needs etc. My question is do I still need to seen Barclays a SAR? Thanks in advance for any help received.
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