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  1. Posted this yesterday and have had no reply- going tomorrow morning would be really helpful if someone could reply:confused:
  2. Hi everyone, Have completed my Data request using template & knowledge from when I was a FOH manager in casino Was going to hand it in to the branch personally* but have two questions :idea: To whom do I address it, my original branch bank, my local branch (where I moved account to & where I'll hand in) or LTSB head office?? & What details should I have on the form for them to sign that they received it?? (my name, address, their address, person recieving [job title], date, time & space for signature and stamp) (*Will be handing letters in as I can't
  3. Hey- have finally found "Step-by-step" after hunting around other questions that were similar:o Thanks for the reply am starting with request under DP As I'm a student paperwork is definately NOT my forte but have got "special folder" where I intend to keep this so it constantly reminds me!!! ;-)
  4. Hey everyone, Have just joined this site after being charged £105 for a D/D I cancelled in July that the company attempted to take out in Oct (twice!!) :-x The only problem is .... it's really confusing!! Can anyone give me a 1..2..3 stage of what I need to do to start getting details. From what I understand I need to write to Lllods TSB asking for all my banking details (I've only been with them for 4yrs) using DP Act to back-up the request... what then?? The other thing is that there have been occassions where there charges have made me OD- am I able to claim for them also
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