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  1. Hi can I just ask did you receive a letter from Link first advising that litigation costs had been added prior to receiving court papers. As my husband received a letter on a statute barred MBNA debt which we disputed with Link about 4 years ago. They have not sent any court papers but the debt has had around £2000 added on to it?
  2. Contacted them over a month ago about it have received no response, also advised them I would be making an official complaint.
  3. Well in my case I am the debtor and have been repaying, I just need to know who I should complain to I have looked at the OFT and ICO websites but can see in the thread TS is also mentioned or am I supposed to complain to all three. Also do I just send a letter of complaint with a copy of the Chantry letter, I can feel my stress levels rapidly rising. The tone of thread seems to be taking different twists and turns but am always greatful for any assistance in the right direction I can get from this site.
  4. Hi Yes they contacted my employers in March have just received the letter which shows (from HR asked them to send me a copy) their details as debt recovery specialists stating that I am the defendant and they have important documents to deliver etc. I am already paying them £25.00 per month but they keep stating this is not enough and they cannot accept this. I am really upset and embarrassed now having seen the letter and they clearly know my address is correct as they have sent communication to me at the address to which I have responded. I intend to follow this up with an official complaint
  5. Hi Postggj I am trying to pm you with a copy of the Chantry Letter sent to employer but system says you need to clear some messages to receive new messages
  6. Hi I received the same type of communication today I have an outstanding account with Uncle Buck which I was advised has been passed to Carter Forbes. I also received a text from Uncle Buck today advising me to contact Carter Forbes as my file has been prepared for legal action. I had previously contacted Carter Forbes last month a few times by email and post but have received no reply to communication only emails to call them. I sent goodwill gesture payment in April no response then today I received the email described above from the same person who originally contacted me from Carter
  7. sorry to butt into your post but I am wondering if there was any update on this post as Chantry did exactly the same to me. However my HR dept were quite good they contacted me and advised that I did not have to agree to release the information just send them written confimration that I don't agree. Not sure what Chantry's tactic is as I had already been in contact with them for several months (and they have responded to me at my home address) repaying £25.00 per month but as they are adding £99.00 monthly payments this makes no difference as they were unable to get the information they have t
  8. I haven't logged on for a while been totally fed up, working myself into deep depresssion. I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has responded. Silly Girl thank you so much for your kind offer have been trying hard not to let this get to me but with the threat of redundancy looming at work as well this really is not easy. I am going to read all threads again and see if I can get my head together to deal with this mess.
  9. Thank you guys so much, have just come back home decided to stay at my aunts with my son to get away from it all. Had I read your responses I would have stayed at home. I do feel much better knowing that I have a right to tell them where to get off and not call at my home as this is beginning to affect us all.
  10. Hi All haven't been on for ages life is certainly no better. My problems have just escalated I foolishly thought I could handle my situation my using payday loans to pay off existing debts and I know I was just delaying the inevitable but couldn't face anything. I eventually took my hand out the sand around 7 months ago when it came to the point of my life or deal with the situation. Contacted CCCS after having an emotional down at work and being discovered by a colleague who suggested CCCS could help. Long and short of it they advised contact creditors with I&E advise no disposable i
  11. Hi Thank you for your responses. Yes I previously sent BLS a CCA and if I can remember correctly transfer of debt information (over a year ago now). I had no further contact with them after this until communications started arriving from 1st Credit about a month ago at our new address. I am going to try and locate the copies of information sent so I can get the dates right and send them the letter you have detailed. Thanks again.
  12. Hi All Haven't been on for a while everything is getting me down. I need some advice with a problem that I am having with 1st Credit Ltd. Approximately 18 years ago I took out a loan and also had two credit cards with TSB. Due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to keep up the agreed payments. TSB eventually transferred the debt to BLS collections who I made arrangements with I was slowly repaying these debts and paid off both credit cards BLS then approached me 3+ years ago advising that my repayment was not enough and they wanted almost 4 times the amount I was repaying.
  13. Thanks for the advice. Just going through all my Abbey documents and reviewing site to try and make up my mind.
  14. Hi Sorry to jump in but dont usually get much responses on my own thread Need some help went to court for update yesterday got a general form of judgement or order today stating claim is stayed pending judgement in OFT case. Either party may apply for further directions. Within 7 days of the service of the order I may apply to the court to set aside or to vary the order. Under Part 23 Rule 10. I have read so many threads that I dont know what to do for the best. Am I correct that in the case of Abbey you begin request for lifting stay with complexity of issues, then defence con
  15. Magnum

    Magnum v Abbey

    Hi Not sure if anyone can help me at this late stage as AQ is due in today but as Hubby has been in hospital for the past 3 weeks between fulltime job 2 kids and hospial visits have not had time to get on sight. Have searched all night hence hence red eyed and fuzzy brains but cant seem to find answer. My claim includes order for non-compliance but I do not have a clue what to put on AQ about this or if I need to put anything. Am using AQ new approach with Draft directions for the rest re: charges.
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