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  1. kw50

    kw50 v Abbey

    Should a different Bank Account be opened as soon as the request for bank charges to be returned be sent, or should you wait until a court claim is submitted? My concern is that i have an overdraft with Abbey and if my wages are paid into the new account will they ask for the overdraft to be paid off immediately?? Any advice on this one please???
  2. hi, not sure if it will be any help, but it might be worth speaking to the citizens advice bureau to see if they can recommend who you should open an account with. Good luck with your Abbey claim-you have nothing to lose.
  3. kw50

    kw50 v Abbey

    i received details of my charges incurred by Abbey in last 6 years. I have 2 accounts. 1 totals 3713.00 and the other 1,175.00. i have used the template requesting the return of these charges, i'm i right in saying that i do not add the 8% unless it goes to court?????????.
  4. hello to everyone out there. i have today sent a request to Abbey along with my #10 fee, asking for them to provide me details of full charges i have incurred during the last 6 years on mt 2 current accounts. I cannot wait to receive these figures, i'm sure i'm going to be really shocked. I have sepent the last few days reading about peoples battles and would like to congratulate everyone who has suceeded and wish those with ongoing claims good luck. May my battle begin-bring it on....................
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