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  1. Ok Andy will do The only reason I ask it that I am on training for two weeks residental and wont be able to go to court during this time. thank you for your help so far x
  2. Thanks Andy Do I file now on leave it until a few days before the due date? xx
  3. Andy I would guess at around 2007, but cant be certain. I have asked them to prove this £1 payment but they have sent me nothing, does that mean they are trying it on? x
  4. Hi All I did not request a CCA in or around sept 08. The original creditor according to the claim was HBOS but the CCA shows The Bank of Wales. I opened a new account Sept 08 due to my marriage breakdown, the payment they allege was not from that account. My old joint account was used by my ex husband for a while. Who is named on the claim ? Is it a P/L or an overdraft ? What does the account number refer to? It is a P/L according to the paperwork. The claim is in my name only but the CCA is in both my ex and my name. I see there was PPI on the loan, was this of any value to your and your ex ? If not, then this could be reclaimed. Whether or not you could do this by way of a counterclaim, I don't know - No it wasnt we were both employed by Royal Mail at the time who gave full sick pay, and death in service benefit. Is it not too old to claim it was taken out in 1997. Anything else please ask. x
  5. Hi sorry about the delay in replying my depression kicked in and I couldn't handle this. to answer the questions the oldrouge asked. 1. Notice of claimant is Arrow Global 2. Date of issue 15/8 3. Reason - The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendant under a contract between the defendant and hbos dated on or around 6/11/97 and assigned to the claimant on 8/10/10 in the sum of £500. Then it shows account number and a date of 3/3/14 default balance and value. 4. Value £500 plus costs 5. According to coca it was a loan. 6. Date of original agreement on or around 6/11/97 7. Via a debt purchaser 8. Note of assignment - not certain 9. Default - possibly I defaulted on lots but nothing on crf to do with this. 10. Default notices - no 11. Ceased payments - Husband lost job struggling to make ends meet. 12. No dispute although it shows ppi of £2752 & I interest on cca ? 13. I did enter into an agreement with most of the creditors at the time but it would have been early 2000 Is there anything else you require? Because I have the Cca do I still need to request one? Thank you all xx
  6. Thank you I thought it may be a phantom payment but I cant be 100% sure. Can I write to restons again asking for proof or just file a defence?
  7. Hi all I would like a bit of advice towards writing a defence please. Let me fill you in with as much detail as I can. My husband and I split up in 2008, we were both in a mess financially and the arguments about money was one of the factors to our break up. I opened a new bank account Sept 08, and after many tough years of knuckling down working 60 hours a week plus the advice of this site, I am finally debt free apart from a mortgage and an old default which drops of in the next two months. In March this year out of the blue I received a letter from Arrow Global saying I owed them around £500 for an old personal loan I discarded this letter because I wasn't aware of any outstanding debts, although it was addressed to my ex husband and myself. I had another letter from Restons saying that unless proposals to pay were made they would issue court proceedings. I wrote back stating I was not aware of this debt nor acknowledge it, they wrote back saying again I must pay or legal action will occur. A few more letters went to and fro, eventually they sent a CCA for a loan dated October 97, I immediately responded with a statute bared letter. They claimed a £1 payment was made on this account Sept 08, I asked them for details of the payment ie. how it was received from which account etc. Earlier this month they asked me to prove to them that I had not made that payment, and prove to them when the limitation period began, I thought it was down to the DCA to prove I had made it. They have not sent me any documentation proving this payment so far. I ignored that letter because my last correspondence stated that unless they provided me with the proof of payment I would not reply any further. this week I have had the court claim through, I logged on to MCOL and said I wish to defend the claim in full. I am out of my league now, I have no idea what to put I am thinking of the SB defence but according to their letters they claim the payment was made on the 13/9/08 obviously this period will lapse during the time I am allowed to file my defence, does this make any difference? Could someone please help me pen a defence, I really don't want to mess my credit rating up for another 6 years, do you think I have a good chance of winning, or should I just pay to make them go away. Any advice, would be appreciated. sorry for it being such I long post, I just wanted you to have as much detail as possible to help me. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH x
  8. I came home from work yesterday and found a delivered by hand letter from Lowells. It says that he has been directed to serve me with a Statutory Demand under the insolvancy act of behalf of Lowell. That he had attended by address without meeting with me, and ssyas he will call again on the 2/12, which I wont be there either because I work full time, it also states if this is inconvenient I can arragne another appointment. However if I fail to keep the appointment they will serve the demand by posting it through my letter box, which will be classed as the day of service. It is also his duty to inform me that in the event of a Bankrupcy petition being present the court will be asked to trest such service as service of the emand on the debtor. I havent a clue what this means. I dont know which debt it refers to, and I am sure it is over six years old. I am a single mother, paying a mortgage however even though my ex doesnt contribute towards the mortgage he is still named on it. I have not slept a wink last night, and feel really sick. I have used these forums before and found the help given wonderful, so please guys just tell me what to do, do I call them? Thanks for reading
  9. The court papers arrived today, got rather upset about it. Not sure how to fill them in, and some of the questions are terrible, with I have somewhere to live etc. Because it is a joint loan, do we both have to fill the papers in or will one set be ok. Thanks All
  10. Hi all I hope you can help and advise me. Yesterday I recieved a letter from Optima Legal stating SPML are trying to obtain a possesion order due to arrears on my secured loan. The total arrears are £1348, this is 4 missed payments including £350 of their changes. The letter does not say what I need to do, only that I will be hearing from the court in due course. I have not slept at all last night, I am worrying myself to death, I am also terrified that we will all become homeless. Can I stop this court hearing if I pay the arrears in full? I am hoping to borrow the money from my parents. What can I expect at court? Will I loose my home? Please give me any advise. I have tried calling the National Debt line, but could not get through. Thanking you all in advance
  11. WOW, thank you for your quick reply, I will get that in the post this evening, would recorded delivery be best? Thanks
  12. Hello It was a credit card with MBNA, the balance does include loads of charges, and cabot have added approx £2000 for goodness knows why!!! Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction of the templates for the CCA and SAR? Thanks once again
  13. Hi all Sorry its been a while since i updated, but my mum is out of hospital now, and seems to be slowly on the mend. Heres what happened. I contacted the court, and they advised me to send defence off before 4pm on the Monday, I completed it on moneyclaim on line, stating the facts, and the extra charges they have accrued, and that i signed no agreement with cabot etc, the fact that all my correspondence had been ingnored, which the court also advised me to put. I had a letter back from the court saying defence had been recieved, and that Cabot may wish to contact me further to discuss this, I had that back on Friday, and I havent heard anything since. Would now be a good time to start requesting my sar and Cca? Or do I wait to see what happens? Thank you all for your help and advise, you helped me so much, I was feeling very low and your kindness pulled me through.
  14. Ok, I can do that now, but what do i put? What is an holding defence?
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