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  1. Good morning Hoping for some advice from you knowledgeable and helpful people. I am having a tough time with Equidebt and ScotCall, both over the same debt. Back in the summer (July), I received the usual nasty letter from Equidebt and I CCA’d them. This is for an HBOS loan that I was paying for the first three years until I got into financial difficulty, and have queried the interest charged and PPI insurance, but no response from HBOS since the middle of 2006 I never heard from them until September when they sent me another letter, threatening door step collection, so I
  2. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated. Do I write back to them to tell them that they are in default?
  3. Good afternoon, all - I wonder if someone can give me some advice? I CCA'd HFO after much harrassment and got a letter from their solicitors telling me that they had a delay (8 weeks). Yesterday, I got loads of copy statements from HFO, but to the agreement that I asked for. Now the phone has started to ring again and I need some advice on what to do next? Also, they have fallen way outside of the 12 days that the letter said they had to respond in. Contents of my letter to them are as follows: I do not acknowledge ANY debt to your company and contrary to your records, I am NOT
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