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  1. Thanks again for the info. Will get it all sorted and posted over the weekend. Postal order and recorded delivery. Looking forward to this one, also have an earlier (1990/1991) mortgage with Halifax to look into, or is this one just too far back to try.
  2. Thanks DX100uk, One more question on the SAR. The mortgage was with TSB before it was taken over by Lloyds, hence not sure who gets it now, especially as TSB are once again separate from Lloyds. Do I send to local branch or head office? Confused!!!
  3. Hello Caggers, hope you are all well. I know I had a single premium ppi added to a couple of mortgages I've had over the years, problem is I cannot find any account details whatsoever. After a few house moves I think they have just got thrown out or burnt, I can remember the lenders names though. The last mortgage was paid off in 1998 and the previous mortgage was paid when I sold up in 1992. It's going back a while I know, but is it possible to get a claim in for either of these or is it just too late now? Would appreciate any thoughts on this.
  4. We passed the information on to the ombudsman and Santander dropped all claims and removed the default. No compensation from them but at least the credit file is now clean. I have to say the ombudsman in this case was very quick and very helpful.
  5. So long as I don't mention the amount I'm ok. Needless to say I am happy with the result.
  6. At last case resolved. Due to a confidentiality clause I cannot go into detail but I can say that the defaults have been removed and damages paid.
  7. Still on-going but very much in hand. Will post result if allowed when fully sorted. I have a very good brief on to this now and I understand we may even be using your barrister Durkin if it should come to court.
  8. Thanks Slick132. When you have to go to the likes of Provident with interest of 100% plus then the amounts add up. I think the Durkin case is of major significance and sets a precedent for future cases that involve duty of care, in that companies should take all steps to insure that the information they supply to CRA's is accurate and fair, and if they do not then they are in breach and the courts should offer damages of £8k plus interest for injury to credit.
  9. Further to the above Lowell are fully aware and have been for at least 12 months that the account was disputed and since January 2014 were fully aware that the debt did not exist, therefore they have failed in their duty of care to me by continuing to update the CRA with false information causing considerable damage/injury to my credit worthiness.
  10. Hi Slick and thanks for the reply. I have had to resort to expensive loans rather than those offered at lower rates. Regarding the Durkin case the judge said that DSG/HFC had a duty of care to the consumer and must report only accurate information to credit reference agencies. In failing to do so an award of £8k was made plus interest to be agreed between the parties for injury to Mr Durkins credit. Surely a precedent has now been set and any further claim for wrongful/inaccurate information being shared with CRA's would be set at £8k plus any further damages so long as the case can be proven. Or am I reading this judgement wrongly?
  11. Two weeks have passed and not a dicky bird from them. In light of the supreme court ruling of Richard Durkin I am of the mind to send a lba and seek compensation for their failure to comply with the DPA. Can someone help me with this??
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum. Were you given notice by Vodaphone that a default was going to be added before they actually put one on? There are certain procedures that must be followed by companies processing data. I too am but a novice on this area and I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along to help soon.
  13. In light of the supreme court ruling on Richard Durkin's case I think the DCA's are going to be getting a little worried. I have tried to get Lowell to enter into dialogue concerning my case but as yet have had no response. I think it might be time to issue proceedings against them for the incorrect processing of data and adding defaults to my credit file even after proving that no such debt existed. Not sure if anyone can point me in the right direction on this.
  14. Excellent news for you Durkin, it is about time that these low life companies took responsibility for the damage they cause to peoples lives with their actions. I am a little way behind you with a similar case having proved in court that I had no debt with a company yet they are still updating defaults on the credit file. Once again congratulations and best wishes to you.
  15. Thanks for that, I will write a simple letter to them and see how it goes. I have all the proof in writing already that the default is incorrect and that the alleged debt never existed.
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