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  1. Hi Scotlady, Well I think if I hadnt been on this site, I would have chickened out! But I did nothing and they paid out anyway. Just another way to try to intimidate us!:o
  2. eg2006

    Cath V Abbey

    Recieved £770.00 from Abbey as a GGW. I will be filing a court claim in the next few days. Do I just subtract the £770 off the final figure after adding interest etc? Cheers
  3. eg2006

    Cath V Abbey

    Hi Nick, No I didn't write, i phoned instead. I will pen a letter off to them today. Thanks Cath
  4. hmmm.... I can feel another letter coming on! this time to the Ombudsman! Vive la revolution!
  5. received the nasty letter today saying that because we cannot run the account in accordance to their T&C's we have to close it. Well that's too bad!!
  6. eg2006

    Cath V Abbey

    I had another letter from Abbey the other day, identical to the last one requesting the return of all my cards, chequebooks etc. When I phoned them and pointed out that they actually owe me the money, and not the other way round, the lady on the phone told me that they would keep pursuing me for the money until the complaint was settled. IS THIS FAIR???
  7. WE WON!!! Had letter today from Sam Phipps saying that they were refunding everything! Wahey!!!
  8. Received confirmation yesterday that Nationwide is defending the claim. Glad I found this site cos I would have definitely bottled it!!!
  9. My friend's said something about having 30 days to close it? Don't know what they will do if she doesn't comply................. ............who knows what they are capable of!!!!
  10. Tink, Just in reply to the closing accounts thing, my friend had a letter today asking her to close the account. EG
  11. eg2006

    Cath V Abbey

    Received a letter yesterday saying that they will be looking into my complaint and will reply within four weeks, do I have to wait for the 14 days to be up to send LBA? Also had a snotty letter requesting all my cards and cheque books back, due to the fact i was £1130OD with them. Can they do nthis while to account is in dispute? So going to enjoy getting every penny back!
  12. Received notification of the claim today. Bring it on!!!
  13. It works even faster than I realised!!! Heres to being £700 richer in less than a month!! Also had a tax rebate yesterday! Happy Days!!!
  14. Hi Tink, My friend has just had most of her charges refunded after filing with MCOL, and her account is still open, but her card didn't work! We filed with MCOL today, can't wait!
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