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  1. Have read elsewhere that you can put all the accounts into one claim. The cheque is still for £10. Will keep reading around and check but I am sure that's what someone else asked and that's the answer thay got. Just detail each account number in your initial SAR letter.
  2. Prob easier to start another thread! Cut and paste to it from here and just ignore this one. or an admin can change it but that's a bit of a Faff for a spellling mistake. good luck and I am sending off my SAR tomorrow.
  3. SAR printed out today 27 November 2006. Will post tomorrow when I have found my chequebook (And there are funds to clear it!) Off we go then :o
  4. Hi. Just been reading around and I will def be starting all this reclaiming malarky as I have just been charged £90 by Barclays yet again for being over my overdraft limit. That's 3 lots of charges a month. probably about 5 times a year for 5 years or so. So looking at a substantial sum! :o Will find out when Barclays send me back a list of charges. Will just patiently work my way through this to the end.
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