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  1. Sorry to bring this up again but its still not settled. My daughter did as Tom said in #4. Requested the info by special delivery and it was signed for on 16th December. She received a bill through the post from Bulldog last week for £437, this is a FINAL REMINDER before the account will be passed to a debt collector / baliffs. She is still able to use her phone but her broadband connection has been cut off. They did not suppply a copy of the agreement she signed or the DD instruction. The threat of Baliffs has sent her into panic mode as my neice had a bad experience with them a couple of months ago. She is now trying to deal with them on the phone again but still not getting anywhere but has made an offer to pay the debt in installments. They are denying any contact from her by letter even though she has given them the SD tracking numbers of both letters and you can still see online that they were delivered nad print a copy of the signature of the person who signed for them. She has asked for an itemised bill - they have said they will email it to her, She does not have a bulldog email address (they admit this), even if she did have bulldog have blocked her internet access so she could not read it. They are insistent they will not send an itemised bill in the post. They are only sent by email. On top of this they have said her monthly charge is £33, she signed up with an offer of £9.99 a month and they are saying they have never had a £9.99 a month offer. (Her previous supplier was only £25 a month she would not have signed up to a dearer one). Would it be best for her to go to Citizens advice or something. Would they be able to do something because shes tried everything herself and is just going round in circles. Thanks
  2. Thanks Tom I will get her to write again and send it special delivery again. Will let you know if they get back to her this time. I have read the info re bank charges being unlawful. My daughter tried to open bank accounts with Barclays and TSB early in the year and both refused. She has never had credit and there is nothing on her credit file except the Abbey acount which has always been in good standing and a couple of searches, maybe that is why. She is worried that if she makes a fuss with Abbey National they may close her acount and as she gets paid by cheque this would make life impossible. She was hoping she would have some redress with Bulldog re the charges.
  3. Thanks you Chesham, the link about Dd's was very helpful. Recently my daughter had an unauthorized DD taken from her account from Sky, she told Abbey National the DD was not hers but they said she had to take it up with SKy. Sky were very helpful on the phone and said they thought the mistake could be either an error by them or an error by the person taking out Sky in putting 1 digit in wrong of the account number (all Abbey sort codes are the same). She advised my daughter to contact the police while they investigate themselves just so the police are aware in case it turns out it was a deliberate act of fraud though they thought it very unlikely. Me daughter did this and took a copy of the incident sheet to the bank. The bank immediately recalled the DD to Sky. While she was there she showed them all the letters she had written to Bulldog saying she had never authorized the DD and which were unanswered. The bank recalled the original DD as well. She is still left with the fact that because the DD was paid in the first place she had to pay over £100 in bank charges. Who is liable for this, the bank (they will not budge), Bulldog or my daughter. Bulldog have made it clear she signed up for a 12 month contract and she has to keep the service for 12 months. They have also made it clear she has to pay them. She does not dispute this but she has never received a bill, Bulldog keep saying the bills have gone to her email address but each time admit she has not got an email address. She is not going to hand over money with no bill. Bulldog will not deal with this issue over the DD payment that caused her the charges, or send her a bill in the post, they just insist every time bills are sent to the email address "oh yes I see you havn't got one we will look into it and get back to you" which they never do. How can we make them send the copy of the agreement she signed preferably with the DD details if they simply refuse to answer any mail including a special delivery letter that we have a copy of the signature. We seem to be going round in circles, same letters, same phone calls, same answers and getting nowhere.
  4. My daughter singed up for BulldogBroadband and phone with a man at Tescos in June. When she signed up for Bulldog the man said he needed her bank details to take £1 out just to verify her identity. As she gets paid at different times each month she stressed the inportance to him that she did not want to pay by Direct Debit. She has three small DD's come out at the beggining of every month and she always makes sure the money is in thee bank. He assured her that it was not a DD and she would get a bill each month which she could pay how she liked. As she gets paid at different times each month by chequeShe insistes the man did not give her a copy of anything. A week or so later she got her modem and went online. 6 weeks later they took £49 out of her bank account (abbey National) by DD a day before her others came out, the result was over £100 in bank charges. She told the bank she had not authorised the DD but they said to take it up with Bulldog. On my advice she wrote a letter to Abbey National telling them she had not authorised any payments to Bulldog and they were not to pay any DD's to them in the future, No more money has been taken. She phoned Bulldog and they said she had authorised the DD, she asked them for a copy of the authorisation they said they would send it. Two weeks later had not got it so phoned again, said she had never even received a bill so how could they take money anyway. They said the bill had gone to her Bulldog email address, she said she didn't have an email address and on checking the woman agreed and said she would get back to her. 2 weeks later not heard anything so she sent a letter, didn't hear anything again so sent a letter recorded delivery, it was never signed for and PO sent a book of first class stamps as compensation as they 'could not confirm delivery'. Sent a letter Special delivery complaining about the lack of communication and asking for a copy of the authorisation again. This was signed for the next day. After a week still no contact so she phoned again, they denied receiving the letter so I faxed them a copy of the specail Delivery slip and a copy of the signature which you can get online with SD. Still heard nothing back. I phoned Bulldog today pretending to be my daughter and they said she did authorise a DD. I asked for a copy of the authorisation and they said they do not keep it. I asked for a copy of the agreement she signed and they said they did not have that either. They said My daughter owed £249 (possible as they have never received a payment since the first one) and I said she had never received a bill so how could she pay and untill the issue over the bank charges was sorted she would not pay them. They said the bills were sent to her bulldog email address, I said she didn't have one in fact she did not even have an account number as she had had no communication from them at all, at this point she said 'well you'll have to check online' and put the phone down on me. Sorry its so long winded but where do we go from here, communication with Bulldog is impossible, she can't pay bills she is not getting and they will not prove she authorised a DD
  5. If you still have your Paypal account sign in and see if you are in a minus figure. My husband who very rarely used Paypal had a credit card chargeback against him through Paypal for £42 this took his balance to -£21. There were lots of spoof Paypal emails going round at the time and he thinks he must have ignored the emails from Paypal thinking they were spoofs because he only realised what had happend when he signed into his Paypal account a couple of months later to pay something. If you go onto the Paypal website there is a phone number. I would phone them first and see what is going on, if there is no debt tell NCO that, not sure if they would beleive you (most seem not to believe anything you say) and where you would go from there though.
  6. I challenge them by FAX about not keeping to their code of practice. They phoned me back and said they had, as a letter had been sent to my niece and a visit had already been made and a letter left by the bailiff on a previous occasion. (both of which my niece emphatically denies). I asked for the dates of both the letter and the previous visit and was told the information was not available at the moment and she would phone me back. She has not phoned back yet. She also said that as this was the 3rd contact the amount had to be paid in full and my niece had only offered a payment plan which was not acceptable. I said my niece had phoned to offer to pay in full and was told the manager would get back to her as he was in a meeting. She said my niece should have phoned back or phoned the mobile number. I have received copies of the paperwork from my niece and there seems to be inconsistencies The first letter on the Friday is a removal notice and it does say despite previous visits..... and the amount my niece has to pay is £346.09. This does seem to be the right amount for the fine, the letter and 2 visits. The second letter when they removed the car gives charges as: Parking penalty inc court fee £125.00 Bailiffs Attendance costs £155.43 Removal costs £266.00 Vat on Bailiffs costs £ 27.20 total amount £573.63 As the costs on Friday were £346.09 if you take of the penalty of £125+£27.20 vat the bailiffs charges on the Friday were £193.89 yet on the seizure notice the bailiffs fees were £155.43 a difference of £38.46 in my nieces favor. I presume the Bailiff was with the people who lifted the car would his fees for that visit bee included in the £266 removal fee or have they forgot to add them on. Am not that good at figures so maybe I have worked it out wrong but am now a bit concerned that they may not have charged her enough and if I pursue this they may ask for the underpayment, does anyone know if they can ask for it if it was a genuine mistake on their part. Thanks all for help
  7. You need to read your tenancy agreement, was the flat part furnished which included the carpets. If so its possible you have to have carpets. You need to ask them to make it clear in writing wether the complaint is actually lack of Carpets or a noise nuisance. Have they been in touch with you before about this, it seems very heavy handed to give you notice of intended legal action without notifying you of a problem beforehand.
  8. The Company is Drakes so they are definatly a bonafida company. Seems they are within their rights ti have taken the car. Goes against there code of practice on their website the speed at which they took it though without giving my neice a chance to pay, but then I suppose its only a code of practice, the law seems to be different and they havn't broken the law.
  9. Thanks for replies have been away for weekend so could not answer. My neice has since contacted the CAB by phone, they said the Baliffs were entitled to take the car for a parking offence and would not enter into a discussion about the quickness of them doing so. She also spoke to a solicitor by phone and he said basically the same although agreed the Baliffs seem to have acted hastily but he would not take the case on. I have since found out that when the baliff left the note on the friday my neice phoned him on his mobile and offerd to pay £10 per month, or she would pay it all by end January. He said he would have to speek to his office. He did not get back to her and in the meantime her freind said she would loan her the money to pay the balifs. As the Balif had not got back to her she phoned the office and was told the manager was in a meeting and she left her number for him to phone her back. As I said the car was lifted the next morning. I do understand that they were entitled to lift the car but feel my neice was treated unfairly in not beeing given a chance to pay. As CAB and solicitor seem that they will not help, it seems if she can appeal or complain she has to do it herself but we do not know how to do this. We are presuming they had a court order but she was never shown one, is it right they have to have one for an unpaid parking ticket. How would we find out if they had one or not. My neice is going to email me copies of the letters they left. I live 90 miles away so have only spoken to her on the phone but am going to see her at the end of the week so hopefully if anything can be done I can advise her then. Thanks
  10. I worked for CSA 2 years ago but presume things are still the same. I do not think the CSA are saying the payment has to go through them they want the assessment to go through them to check your ex is paying the correct amount. This is how it will work. Ex will send a letter saying I pay XX maintenance. CSA will ask him to prove his income and living arrangements i.e mortgage, renting, living with family, new partner, new kids etc Ex sends info In most cases CSA will say you are not paying enough you have to pay XXX. AS Ex now pays you xxx instead of xx you don't actually get any income support anyway As you are on good terms with your partner you need to decide if the amount you will get from income support is going to be worth pursuing. If you are on any income related benefits i.e income support, child tax credits you cannot have a private arrangement with your Ex on how much he pays maintenance, the CSA will insist on assessing his ability to pay and decide how much.
  11. I worked for CSA for 6 months so can tell you how it works but it is not necessarily my view on what is right. Firstly they can and should give a breakdown of charges if asked so your brother should ask again. Also if your brother can prove he has been paying the £100 per month maintenance since May that should be taken off of the arrears owed. The fact that he paid for his son's holiday and clothes is not taken into consideration, so its up to him if he pays any 'extras' for his son. It does not matter if Mum is working or not, the amount your brother has to pay is the same. If your Brother is genuinely only left with £150 per month after his mortgage is paid he needs to appeal the amount he pays. The letter he got stating how much he has to pay per week should have said how they worked it out. Has he told them about his mortgage. My son was in the same position a few months ago and the CSA had him as living with family, when he appealed and proved he was renting privately the assessment was reduced. Still not right though, they assessed him on what he was earning in the summer (lots of overtime), now winter and on basic pay he earns quite a lot less. The CSA do not allow for utility bills such as gas, electric, water, phone etc, your brother should have enough left to be able to pay all these. Mum has to pay them as well. If its any consolation I would say the initial assessment is wrong 80% of the time (unless its changed in the last 2 years)
  12. Hello all. I joined today to ask advice for my neice who had had her car taken by baliffs. Have been on all morning now reading the horror stories of Balifs and banks. I did not realise they get away with so much and that a lot is unlawfull. To be honest I always thought if people got high bank charges it was their fault for letting the situation happen. Then it happend to me and I realised how easily it can be done and how quickly the charges accumilate. I wish I had found this forum at the time (a year ago) then I may have fought the bank instead of just payingf the charges. Mine were only about £140 for being 64p overdrawn for 3 days (knock on effect of two very small DD's that came out in those 3 days). The bank (Abbey National)told me I could not appeal against the charges as they were clearly set out in their terns so I paid them. The advisor I spoke to at the bank made me feel really small, she produced a pamphlet with the terms and said 'go home and read it'. A week later Myself and hubby went into the bank and closed all 5 of our accounts. Both had personal, a joint account, savings account and a business account that had several thousand going through each month with hefty charges (as business accounts do). Only then did the advisor say there was a 'posibility' the charges will be wavered if we stay with them. We had already been to Barclays and opened new accounts (free business banking for six months so got well over the £140 back in saved fees). We still get letters from them every now and again offering us new 'deals' to go back to them I suppose whatever bank we had been with at the time the outcome would have been the same but I got a lot of satisfaction from the look on the advisors face when Hubby passed her a letter and said 'this is the reason we are leaving the bank - read it'
  13. My neice (single parent on benefits since her husband left a year ago) had her car taken by the baliffs on Saturday for an unpaid parking fine. I have just paid the £596 required to retreive the car and I beleive she is in her way to pick it up. I would like some advice over wether the balifs treated her fairly and if not who should she complain to and what the likelyhood of getting some of the fees back are. About 4 months ago she got a parking ticket. She did not beleive she was parked illegally so appealed it. Parking enforcement provided photographic evidence that she was parked too far way from the kerb (she had not realised this at first thought it was a standard parking ticket) so she lost the appeal. By now the fine had gone up from £40 to £120 because of the time elapsed. She offered to pay £10 a month (on the phone) as thats all she could afford and she was told that was not acceptable and they would get a court warrent if she did not pay in full. She thuoght this meant they would go to court and a means test would be done so the court would decide how much she could afford to pay each month. She has heard nothing since untill Friday when she got up and balifs had put a note through the door (at 7.15 am)saying they had called and would call back unless she phoned a number. She did not hear them knock. She phoned them and explained she was a single parent and offered to pay £10 per week. The person she had to speak to was in a meeting and his secretary said she did not think this would be acceptable but she would speak to him when he came out of the meeting. On Saturday morning at 7.30 they came and took the car, again putting a note through the door saying they had taken it and again she is not aware that they knocked. As I said at the beginning to get the car back the bill was now £596 with all the fees. I beleive they acted too hastily, it was not made clear they would seize goods so quickly if she did not pay in full straight away, she was not even given a fair chance to pay (24hrs from initial contact to taking car). Having never had dealings with Balifs before can someone advise if they acted correctly.
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