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  1. Hi ananya, Thanks for your reply. I have done as you suggested and have also looked at a number of threads and I feel that I now have the information that I need to push on with my claim. I will be watching your progress with great interest and I am sure that you will be successful with your claim. Regards MUTT
  2. Hi ananya, Thanks for the reply. I have done as you suggeted and also looked at other threads and I now have the info that I need. I will be watching your progress with great interest and I feel sure that you will be successful in your claim. Regards MUTT
  3. Hi Goldlady, Have you claimed for all admin charges and discharge costs and what type of interest (if any) have you added to your claim. MUTT
  4. Bump- Somebody must have some answers?
  5. Hi All, Starting a claim against GE Money on three closed accounts. I have all the charges info as supplied with my DSAR. What I need to know is,can I claim for Discharge Admin Charges and Discharge Fee. Some posts suggest that these charges can be claimed while others suggest that they can't. I want to get this absolutely right given the company that I am dealing with. The Discharge costs on one Redemption Statement from 2003 are £117.50 and the Administration Charges are £148.75. I also intend to claim compounded contractual interest throughout the claim. I hav
  6. Hi uk, The link to the blueyonder credit card spreadsheet worked a treat, claims now sent off to Cap One, Barclays & Halifax. Do you know of another blueyonder link specifically for bank charges with CCI. The blueyonder link was a doddle to use. Many thanks MUTT
  7. Hi ukaviator, Many thanks for the link, will try it out and see what results I get. Thanks again Mutt
  8. Hi ukaviator, Thanks for the info, hope you can post the link for the spreadsheet if poss. Cheers Mutt
  9. Hi All, I need some help in finding the best spreadsheet to use in my claim against Cap One. I would like to claim for CCI throughout the claim. I have tried three different spreadsheets to compare the end result, all are different. The one that I have used in my previous claims for the refund of bank charges, has been one from Vampiress' Chamber. I can still access the spreadsheet for Bank Accounts England Advanced - Works via my Google account. However when I compare a £24.00 charge with interest of 26.94 using this spreadsheet, the end result is much lower than the other two sprea
  10. Hi peter & shane, Thanks for the replies. The ICO did not give the info in writing wish they had. I contacted them to see how my complaint against Black Horse was progressing and in the conversation I mentioned the default issue and the recording of adverse info onto my credit file which I thought Black Horse were not allowed to do when the account is in dispute. The person I spoke to advised that she could not give accurate advice on this matter and that someone would call me the following day to discuss it further. Sure enough the following day I received a call from
  11. shane5408 & peterbard, Thanks for your replies to my earlier post. I am in dispute with Blackhorse Finance over my current loan agreement and requesting the refund of certain charges applied to the account. In response to my complaint I have been supplied with statements of account and a copy of the loan agreement. This shows the amount of the loan, the duration of the agreement, total charge for credit and monthly interest rate. It also shows my signature but at the bottom of the agreement there are two boxes one for their signature and the other for the date of the agreement. T
  12. Hi All, Starting to prepare my court bundle and I could do with a list of all the successes against Citi. Could do with case numbers, amounts and which court. I am claiming CCI and it would help if there is anyone who has already won this and has received payment. My bundle has to be in by next week so early replies would be appreciated. Feel free to PM me if nessessary. Thanks Mutt
  13. Could anyone advise if a non cancellable agreement still comes under the CCA. Cheers Mutt
  14. Hi pjdavies2000, It does seem rather strange at how quick they have responded given their past record for being ultra difficult in providing anything. Another strange thing though is the amount of info I am receiving from Cap One. Received another two large packages today containing information that they had already sent but in a slightly different format. Each package has been sent by special delivery at a cost of £5.00 a time (thats £15.00 up to now) and marked IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED (not wrong there). They seem to be falling over themselves to provide me with the info and
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