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  1. Hello all, I received a parking ticket last year, i then moved away from the address i was staying at and tbh forgot about it, i should have payed the fine and accept that. Today the person i was staying with last year, contacted me and told me that a letter had arrive for me saying that they had come to the door to do an attachment order on the house, but no one was in so either we i contact them to arrange payment or they would enforce the attachment order. The original fine was for thirty pounds, but since i last was there is now two hundred and ten pounds ? i take it they have just kept fining me and the person i was staying with didnt contact me to let me know. Can a thirty pound fine turn to 210 pounds ? and how can an attachment order be granted by a court to value possesions for a parking ticket ? surley these attachment orders a bit drastic! im surprised a court would grant bailiffs an attachment order for the original offence of a parking ticket. I will make arrangements to pay this tomorrow, as i cant let the previous i stayed with have there house forced entry to, but is what they are threatening legal? The ticket was issued by dundee city council, scotland and is being enforced by sheriff officers in perth, atholl i think they are called, im just really posting here to see if i can challenge this or just accept this and wright it down to experience. Thanks.
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