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  1. hi, found out about this site yesterday and with the help of other members, found out that i can claim back my bank charges even though my account is now closed and has been passed to a debt agency, which i am repaying by monthly installments. not really sure of what to do next, if anyone can help the advice would be very much appreciated. many thanks, pompey2902.
  2. hi, found out yesterday that i can reclaim bank charges from an account that has been closed for over a year, the amount owed for bank charges incurred plus my overdraft were handed to a debt agency. i am now paying back the debt by monthly installments. does anyone know if i can still claim back my bank charges that were in excess of £400?? any advice would be much appreciated, many thanks, pompey2902.
  3. hi, i recently heard about this site from a friend so i am new to all this. just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to reclaim bank charges from an old account which is now closed?? many thanks pompey2902
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