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  1. Hi BottomBurp, Thanks. I understood that it is because I have no credit history in the country. I have my foot in the door (trap?) since I managed to get a credit card (with a very low credit limit). What surprises me is that banks will not do the effort of checking credit records in the EU... Or even with credit card companies. I realised that there was no clear question in my previous post, so: I was wondering if refusing a product to a potential customer for no obvious reason isn't "illegal". What if a grocer would refuse to sell veggies to you because you have not been living in England for at least 5 years? Can banks be forced to sell their products or present a "valid" reason for refusing to sell? Is there a regulation? Regards, Nico.
  2. Hello, My name is Nicolas, I am a French engineer. I have been working in the UK for 2 years and a half; I have a permanent UK contract. I have signed up to this forum because I have a question relative to banking in the UK. Maybe you can point me to where I should post my question. It's about access to banking products, such as credit card, loans etc... My credit history is spotless but I lived in several countries (France, Sweden, Germany), and banks cannot be bothered to verify information abroad. And although I have a permanent contract in this country, a good salary, and even several credit cards from foreign banks (all VISA's), most banks will simply deny any application, based on the fact that I have not been living in this country for at least xx years. I am wondering if this can be considered as an unfair treatment, since the denial is based on the fact that the bank does not want to check a credit history beyond the border of the UK (but still within the EU). Thanls for any answer. Regards, Nicolas.
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