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  1. Sorry Billy - my post delivered after yours - ignore my last
  2. Go on Wlld Billy - your posts and opinions - I think - are very informative BUT what will happen ????
  3. To conclude.......... Wild Billy - your opinion as to what will happen on the test case. Banks win, OFT win, compromise deal?? be interested (in no more than 200 words!!) what is going to happen. Alec - your opinion ?? Lets just say in how many days / weeks / months / decades it will be interesting to see who go it right!! Be honest guys - no sitting on the fence - your calls
  4. I agree no conspiracy theory but what I fail to understand is that the judge was supposedly spending yesterday and today reading up on the case and it only comes to light at 5.00pm the day before trial that he is still working on another case!!! Surely he could have guessed even last week that he was likely to be tied up in another trial?? I mean he's only know about this case since about November of last year and I'm sorry but bar the Diana trial possibly this case is the most talked about case in the country at the moment. I'm sure the current case he's working on is important for someone but the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are watching this case closely, I cannot imagine any other case in the country attracting any more media coverage than this case AND the fact we have all know the start date for the case since last year makes me think something has happened at the last minute for the case to suddenly be delayed. If not, then the fact the judicial system is not even capable of the most important and watched trial of the year starting on time worries me
  5. HHMMMMMM...........maybe an 11th hour deal is still a possibility...........surely the judge would have known a little before the eve of a case starting he was going to overrun............both sides have shown that they were and are prepared to face each other in court..........neither blinked now until the last hour...........maybe they've decided it is both in their interests now to come to a deal........a know alot of people would rather something be decided now than wait upwards of 12 months at the very earliest for a decision just food for thought????
  6. Thanks again Glenn (and Hagen UK) for your advices / thoughts. I'm therefore thinking that if a lender agrees to pay all charges being claimed (without any interest and before Prelim being sent) then the claim should be seen as being settled?? i guess I was perhaps being greedy in thinking that I would always be able to claim C.I. no matter what. (((Big bracket in that this claim is for my wife - I last month claimed back charges £600 approx and after 1 phone call got C.I adding an extra £300 - am thinking they knew just to agree on this account to all charges))) If you were I would you not proceed further in basically claiming just for C.I. interest?? - thnk I know the answer anyway!!! rich
  7. Hi Glenn, Many thanks for the reply and I assure you that I never mind your thoughts whether they are what I want to hear or not as I know in the long run it will save me a lot of time and worry!!. I agree with your thoughts re estimated charges but just wanted to check your view hadn't changed with regards to this - thanks. My predicament is whether I pursue my claim which is in essence is now just for interest. Just to let you know MBNA have so far paid the charges ONLY that I am claiming against them (OK I'm claiming £753 and they have paid in 2 instaments £733). However they have paid this without me even sending them a Prelim letter !!! After my original SAR they offered £320 then after I sent them a letter accepting this as a partial refund they offered a further 'goodwill' of £413 (£20 less than I am claiming on charges). So I do not know whether to proceed with prelim, lba, etc for the C.I. only which is approx £1350. Your thoughts as ever v.appreciated. rich
  8. Hi Glenn, Hope you are well, your claims are going through as you would expect and your not experiencing too many sleepless nights with the little fella!! (By the way - just to make you feel better - my son is 5 and he still wants to get in our bed every night - bloody good contraceptive!!) I'm again after your esteemed advice with regards my claim with MBNA (i know I'm posting on your Co-Op thread and it is only because I know MBNA are looking at the site!). Having written to MBNA to ascertain that they definitely do not hold data beyond 6 years they did to be fair come back to me yesterday advsing this was not the case, confirming their methods of destruction and confirming that no third parties hold data also (bar Experian who only hold initial Application forms). I feel they have told me all that I can and that I have to accept that I will not be able to obtain any data held beyond 6 years. Therefore I now know that I can only obtain 6 years worth of statements which I now need to decide what course of action to take and this is where I would appreciate your advice as to perhaps what you would do from here on in. Charges for the last 6 years which I have statements for total £753 and MBNA have so far refunded these charges (bar one for £20) with an initial offer of £320 and a further offer of £413. If you were in my shoes which of the following options would you recommend:- 1. Having received all charges take no further action. 2. Continue my claim for the Contractual Interest element only which I equate to circa £1350. 3. I think I know your answer to this one but I ask anyway!! - claim for estimated charges for the period that MBNA could not provide statements for and add contractual interest. As MBNA have paid all of the charges they have taken so far should I continue my claim as it will only be for either a) just Contractual Interest or b) Estimated charges prior from 1997 - 2000 plus Contractual Interest either of which I'm concerned that should it get to court dtage will not look favourably on myself. I'd really appreciate your thoughts if you do not mind. Thanks a million in advance Richwhit
  9. phatram, pm'd you earlier after your reply to mine but I just wanted to check you got it. My reason for doing so is just to check that you have read Glenn vs Co-Op as if you're having trouble with them it is THE post to read. Not sure how to post links but if you haven't seen it let me know and I can somehow direct you!! I spoke to Jackie at Co-Op today chasing up my pre 6 year statements and she said she had from Feb 2000 (have from April 01) but not from March 99 when the account started. My original SAR was dated Dec 2006 so will prob accept this as even I'd be surprised if I'd used up their available credit limit within 9 months and was incurring OD fees - late payment though may be a poss knowing me!! Let me know if you've seen Glenns thread or not. richwhit
  10. Hi Glenn, Can I just check the C.I rate you're using - I'm using 18.9% is this correct?? richwhit
  11. Thanks Phatram - look forward to hearing from Mrs P.
  12. Phatram, Can you tell me was your credit card always with MBNA or was it originally issued with another provider that MBNA then took over the account. I'm trying to obtain all of my statements prior to 2000 and had a chat with Richard Vernon today (seemed a v.nice and fair guy by the way) however I was advised that with regards to accounts that have always been MBNA they only have lasy 6 years records. If an account was transferred from say an Abbey or A&L account they may have further records. Am also wondering at waht stage Phil and Aliosn or anyone else is at. I'm going to have to send of an LBA it seems and issue MCOL for non compliance of SAR. Any advices ??
  13. Hi all, Am really after some advice as my first letter back from FD states that Renewal Fees are non-refundable where as my thoughts were that they were. Has anyone else included Renewal Fees in their claims?? Any advices greatly appreciated. richwhit
  14. Hi all, Having sent off my list of charges I eventually get a letter back from FD stating that they will be willing to refund approx 75% of the bank charges ONLY that I have incurred. (I'm claiming CI also) They have stated that they will not refund 1 arrangement fee that I included (this I since believe to be correct but advices would be appreciated) however they will also not be willing to refund Renewal Fees (of which I included 2 of £20 each in my claim). In addition they state they would not be willing to refund fees beyond 6 years of which I have included 4 as of their letter I recevived dated 14 Feb. My original SAR was dated 26 Nov 2006 in which case these four claims would have been within the 6 year period. My questions I'm asking for help with are as follows:- 1) Can I reclaim Renewal Fees? 2) With regards to the four fees that I am claiming from 6 years 3 months ago, can I proceed in claiming these as it only came to light that I had incured these fees since I received my statements and thus became aware of them? 3) I'm also claiming Contractual Interest which FD say that are not willing to look at - I know others have successfully claimed CI - so I cannot see any reason as to not proceed with my claim for C.I unless FD can justify otherwise. Next step I've been told in my letter is to now contact the infamous - but I've read quite fair and understanding to a point! - Robert Kernaghan to escalate my claim. (Hi Robert) My intentions at present are to proceed with the claim LESS the 1 arrangement fee but include the Renewal Fees and the 4 fees from 6 years ago AND the CI which FD are paying out and be prepared to MCOL, expect the standard letters from DG knowing they will pay out in full approx 1 week before court date thus incurring further costs from FD should they have settled in full at this stage. Any advices / thoughts would be very much appreciated. richwhit
  15. Hi Glenn, Firstly, i understand you've become a father - congratulations mate and no doubt you'll be spending less time on here now or posting threads at 4.00am in the morning between bottle feeds!! I therefore feel a little guilty in again asking for your advice but having started numerous claims against my current accounts I'm now proceeding against credit cards. I know you had 100% success against MBNA in claiming back all charges plus Contractual Interest thus my reason for asking you for advice before anyone else. My question is, I've got all of my statements from Co-Op (who I know you are claiming against also) but really am unsure as to what spreadsheet I should be using. Could you possibly advise which spreadsheet you have used to calculate your CI for Credit Cards aginst MBNA and for your Co-Op claim. I'm happy filling the spreadsheets out but am just unsure as to which I should be using. Without take the p also would you have a link to the spready you've used?? I understand if you may be tied up with other matters of your own but if you could reply to this post I'd be most appreciative. Many thanks in advance, richwhit
  16. Thanks ever so much Doo but my apologies for being such an ignoranus (is spelling correct!!) but where can I find vamps spreadsheets - do you have a link. Thanks v.much for the reply, rich
  17. Hi all, Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a spreadsheet that calculates Compound Interest for credit cards?? I've been looking all day but to no avail!! Thanks in advance if anyone can help. richwhit
  18. Hi Gashton, Have you had any luck in trying to find a spreadsheet that calculates compound interest as like you I've been looking everywhere to no avail. As you state, vampiresses spreadsheets just seem to calculate simple 8% interest. Would really appreciate any help . Thanks in advance, richwhit
  19. Fantastic news - you've lead the way and giving me 100% confidence that my claim with FD for charges PLUS contractual will be settled. Well done mate - enjoy a beer or 12 tonight!!!! richwhit
  20. Hi Glenn, Could you advise whether your claiming for Co-op bank account or credit card?? I'm struggling to find many threads regarding Co-Op credit card and I need some advice so if you were claiming for credit card maybe we could help each other for our forthcoming claims?? richwhit
  21. Sorry I've also spotted another fee for VISA CHEQUE FEE for £20 - could this be recalimed????
  22. Have received statements back to Feb 01 today and have written back requesting all statements on the account since inception. I'd really appreciate looking at some threads where people have successful reclaiming from Co-Op Credit Card and whether anyone is in the process of claiming Contractual Interest from them. Also, can anyone help me out with regards to a charge on a statement which is called COLLECTIONS FEES and is for £60 - I've no idea whether I can reclaim for this?? Any advices greatly appreciated. richwhit
  23. Thanks Glenn - I'll have a go at using Mindzais spreadsheet this evening and no doubt shout for your help once I get stuck!! Just out of interest are you aware of any cases where Co-Op have settled with C.I. or is this still uncharted territory?? rich
  24. I see - sorry Glenn I misunderstood your thread. I've received Co-Op Credit card statements today for the last 6 years and have written back to them requesting ALL statements which go back 8 years so I'll see how I get on in obtaining these. This is my first claim against a credit card and need to research the best approach but am I correct in thinking we can claim C.I against them??? ( I know that you successfully claimed with C.I from MBNA). I'm bewildered by the info I've got so far on the statements as whilst charges are clear I haven't got a clue about interest that we can claim back as we do for bank accounts. Any advices at this early stage. Your help as ever v.much appreciated. rich
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